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Wednesday July 16, 2008 9:56 pm

Big Brother 10: Brian Evicted/Jessie is New HOH

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Brian out

He flew too close to the sun and got burned. Brian, the former Air Force crew chief from San Francisco, talked himself right out of the house. He wasn’t even nominated originally.

Jerry, the Head of Household, put Renny and Jessie up for nomination, but Jessie won the Power of Veto. This coincided with increasing suspicion of Brian’s attempts to control other house guests and tell them how to vote. At one point, Brian suggested he was “pulling all the strings” in the house. He’d originally formed an alliance with Dan and Ollie. But Ollie has formed a stronger alliance (like the physical kind) with April and April didn’t like Brian so Ollie turned on him.

Everyone except Dan and Steven, the gay rodeo champ, marched into Jerry’s HOH room and told him about all the deals Brian tried to cut with other house guests. Jerry felt awful about turning on Brian (he wouldn’t even wear his Marine Corps. garb during the Veto Ceremony because he didn’t want to shame the military), but knew he could survive an extra week if he stuck with the majority.

So despite a last ditch attempt to use his wit and charm to win some house guests over, they weren’t having it and Brian was toast. He lost the vote to stay 9-to-0 with only Dan, the Catholic School teacher, voting to keep him.

Some other highlights from the last two nights:

  • Ollie’s Word Is Questionable: Ollie, the preacher’s son, may not smoke, drink or curse but that doesn’t mean he isn’t an opportunist. (Oh, there is a circle of Hell for them, don’t worry.) He admitted he’d lie to get ahead in the game. He is also a bit of a skeeze already laying the groundwork for hooking up with April.
  • April and Keesha Aren’t Close: First of all, they look almost exactly alike; it must be confusing for them. They also got into a heated cat fight over whether Keesha was going back on her word to vote Brian out. Needless to say, I don’t think they’ll end up being besties on the show.
  • Jessie Has No Personality: Don’t have much to add to that. He just doesn’t strike me as very interesting. But now he is HOH so he’ll be around for at least another week.

Anyway, it was a dull couple of shows overall. So far it is unclear where this group is going. April and Ollie are on the path to hooking up. Renny is trying to tone the crazy down a notch to get ahead. Angie’s mouth may get her in trouble. But really it has been hard to get any real feel for these people (besides Jerry who I already love). The only other news from Wednesday’s show is that a live studio audience of “Big Brother fanatics” will greet the losing house guest each week. That hasn’t happened since Season One. Have people really been demanding they bring this element back?

The next Big Brother 10 airs Sunday night at 8 p.m. et/pt on . You can also subscribe to the 24/7 live feed at CBS.com, but really who has the money for that in this economy?



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