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Wednesday October 16, 2013 5:47 pm

Anthony Hopkins Really Loves ‘Breaking Bad’

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Bryan Cranston and Anthony Hopkins inset

Breaking Bad has won the hearts of many critics and viewers everywhere, and now Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins has made it a point to declare his admiration for its star, Bryan Cranston, and the rest of the cast.

In a letter addressed to Mister Cranston - which was posted on the show's Facebook by Cranston's co-star Steven Michael Quezada - Hopkins writes, "I’ve  just finished a marathon of watching Breaking Bad from episode one of the first season – to the last eight episodes of the sixth season. I have never watched anything like it. Brilliant! Your performance as Walter White was the best acting I have seen – ever. I know there is so much smoke-blowing and sickening ######## in this business, and I’ve sort of lost belief in anything really. But this work of yours is absolutely stunning."

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Though Cranston has already won a handful of Emmy awards for his performance, Hopkins' words are a special reward on their own.

Have you done the Breaking Bad marathon yet? Do you agree with Hopkins? Sound off below in the comments!

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