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Thursday November 6, 2008 12:44 am

America’s Next Top Model 11: The Final Five

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After weeks of lessons, runway shows and photo shoots, we finally got to “see” what the ladies of were made of tonight. Followers of the show know what that means: it was time for the Final 5 to go on their go-sees.

Before heading out on their journeys, the models met with Frederick Koster, the managing director of Touché Models. After explaining the evaluation process - the girls would be judged on their portfolios, their walks, their appearance and their personalities - Koster gave the women maps and directions. The goal was to meet as many designers in the allotted 4 hours as possible. If they did not make it back to the agency on time, they would automatically be disqualified.

ANTM's Elina

Although the girls were given boats (to navigate Amsterdam’s many canals) and personal “drivers” for their trip, the confusing language made the challenge particularly difficult at times. Unfortunately for an easily-frazzled Marjorie, the task was frustrating from start to finish. It took the poor girl over an hour just to make it to her first location.

Despite a few navigational issues, Samantha was able to complete four go-sees. Although the clients thought she had a nice personality, some of the designers felt was was more commercial and less couture. Analeigh - who also impressed her three critics with her personality - got nice comments about her walk. McKey, with her dark hair and beautiful face, wowed her four designers with her “stunning” look. Marjorie disappointed her two interviewers with her rattled nerves and timid presence. (Who knew mousy wasn’t sexy?) Meanwhile, Elina turned off several of her four clients with her unappealing tattoos and her sweaty back. (NOTE TO SELF: Never run to a go-see. Apparently sweat on an original garment is a big no-no.)

When the clock struck 5:00, Analeigh was chosen as the challenge winner…by default. Had McKey made it back to the agency on time (she was 5 minutes late), she would have actually been picked. Unfortunately for the boxer, this meant that an assortment of prizes valued at $18,000 would be waiting for the ice skater at home.

At their next photo shoot, Marjorie was given another reason to freak out: was going to be their guest photographer. Although she once guided them through a challenge, this would be the first time Tyra was in charge of snapping this group.

ANTM's McKey

This time around, the girls were challenged with producing two entirely different looks. After doing an au natural, jeans and t-shirt shoot, the girls were then glammed up for a more “ferocious” take. Although she was criticized earlier for looking quite commercial, Samantha churned out some of her best photos this week. In her relaxed still, she had a very Calvin Klein-esque quality about her. She then ramped it up when she was given makeup and wild clothing to play with. Marjorie - who looked very uninspiring in her vulnerable pics - did a nice job after getting into character. Analeigh, who surprisingly looked a little plain as a Plain Jane, also benefited from a little makeup. The athlete turned out a series of broken doll poses after she was dolled up. Elina - who was tricked into giving a natural pose - still had difficulty getting loose despite a wild afro. Meanwhile, McKey did an impressive job showing Tyra what she had learned. The girl who once relied on boxing stances was now bendy, stretchy and model-esque.

When it came time for evaluations, Samantha was chosen as this week’s winner. The judges agreed that the blonde’s natural pic was her best one to date. McKey with her fashion photo came in second while Analeigh and her “fantastic” still came in third.

Falling in this week’s Bottom Two were the Europeans: Elina and Marjorie. Although the girls were full of such potential, the judges felt each competitor had something standing in their way. In Elina’s case, the panel believed her unrelenting hold was starting to diminish her exquisite beauty. As for Marjorie, her major obstacle was a big ball nerves.

In the end, the judges thought it was better to stick with the girl who at least knew how to get wild…occasionally. LOSER: Elina.

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