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Thursday October 2, 2008 7:54 am

America’s Next Top Model 11: Natural Beauty

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On this week’s episode of , the girls learned how quickly the game could change. With just one roll of film, a model could either sink to the bottom or vault to the top.

Who was confident that they could change…and who was confident that things wouldn’t change? Read on!

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America’s Next Top Model

Although she was just positioned in the Bottom Two last week, Samantha was determined to move forward and continue practicing. She vowed not take the criticism personally. Meanwhile, Clark basked in her recent success. When asked how she felt about a winner, the former blonde joked (?) that it was “kind of lonely being on top.”

ANTM's Clark

For this week’s lesson, the ladies had a chance to spend time with . The judge – who met the girls at a building under construction – was there to teach them how to make the best out of any ill-fitting situation. In many cases (particularly with catalogue shoots), models are given clothes that don’t fit properly. With a few props (and a lot of improvisation), the girls could transform their outfits into something wearable and sellable.

After putting on the pre-assigned clothes, the girls were given several minutes to alter the garments by using items found either nearby or from their “tool belt.” Binder clips cinched items, water bottles filled out waistlines and shoulder pads stuffed shirts. Although Samantha thought she had put together a cute outfit, Paulina deemed her work the worst of the bunch. Instead of making her shorts fit, she altered the item altogether by making it shorter. That meant someone potentially making a catalogue purchase would wind up with a product much longer than it had appeared. McKey, on the other hand, did a great job with her alterations. To make her pants fit better, she creatively put one clip on the backside of each leg. For her smart work, she won 50 extra frames at her next photo shoot.

Even though she wasn’t the challenge loser, Marjorie took her criticism pretty hard. After being told that her pants were too large, she quietly leaned her head against a column. Paulina, worried the withdrawn girl was going to throw up, was told that Marjorie was having a case of the nerves. (Apparently European women are used to thinking negatively?) But instead of calling the timid model a “baby” (like Samantha did), Porizkova nicely gave her some words of advice on dealing with rejection.

For their next photo shoot, the girls met Jay Manuel at a local studio. The creative director (who dressed as the monster from Predator) told the women that regardless of their makeup, wardrobe or hair – it was important for them to still come through in their photos. Today, the girls – who were going to be representing different types of natural disasters – needed to be larger than life on their small cityscape replicas.

ANTM's Samantha

Last week, the ladies were forced to “act” with just their heads above water. This time, they were given the opportunity to play with props. Unfortunately, some found this more difficult than expected. Elina (Earthquake) continued to wrestle with her control issues. Sheena (Sandstorm) offered a lot of variety. Clark (Blackout) failed to commit to the character and focused on the pretty. Lauren Brie (Snowstorm) needed tips on dealing with snow. Joslyn (Rock Slide) lacked versatility. Analeigh (Santa Ana Winds) gave Jay a lot to work with. McKey (Heat Wave) brought a model to the set. Samantha (Tidal Wave) came with energy and creativity. Meanwhile, Marjorie (Traffic Jam) had instructions spoon fed to her.

Later, the competitors evaluated their chances of sticking around. Marjorie, once again, felt deflated by her performance. Clark (“I’m #1 in this competition right now”), on the other hand, was certain she and Lauren Brie wouldn’t be leaving. “Hell no. You won’t, I’m not. We’re not.”

When it came time for the evaluations, Samantha was chosen as this week’s winner. The judges loved how she contorted her body and made the picture work. Analeigh with her “cute” and “fun” photo came in second while McKey came in third. Falling in this week’s Bottom Two were Joslyn and Clark. Although the judges loved Joslyn’s energy, they believed she was sliding downhill from her first few creative weeks. They wondered whether she was losing her fire. Meanwhile, the judges were feeling ho-hum about Clark’s inconsistent work. They worried she was getting “stuck on pretty.”

Since the girls were neck and neck with their performances at the photo shoots, the judges ultimately decided to keep the girl with the best personality. LOSER: Clark.

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