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Saturday May 8, 2010 6:53 pm

American Idol Wants Your Opinion

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Do you like as a judge? Do you think the judges’ save is a nifty device for the show? Do you want the opportunity to sound off on what you like and dislike about American Idol? Well, now you’ve got a chance to do so…and the powers-that-be behind the series are listening.

American Idol has released an asking viewers to detail their opinion on the show. The survey asks about the current season of the show (9), and asks about your reasons for watching. Simon Cowell, Ellen DeGeneres, Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi and Ryan Seacrest are all listed as reasons for watching. You have the ability to vote on the strength of your enjoyment from each one.

Certain aspects of Idol, such as musical themes, mentors, voting and the judges’ save also listed on the survey. You have the opportunity to vote on your level of entertainment derived from each. The survey contains many questions regarding guest judges as well, asking to you rate your enjoyment of each one who appeared on this season.

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More detailed questions are asked about each judge - namely, how well you like them, the quality feedback they offer and how sad you might feel if any one of them left American Idol. New judge Ellen DeGeneres has a few more questions on her page - notably, should she be a judge next season, and how well she’s “fitted” in with the other judges. Then, a surprising addition in the judges’ part of the survey…a name from the past.

Suddenly, in the midst of the judge questions, a new page appears in the survey beginning with “I miss Paula.” The last name Abdul was not used in the survey at all, but clearly that’s what the comment/questions infer. This lends a lot of weight to that American Idol has been romancing their former female judge in an attempt to woo her back to the popular series.

Other questions addressed specific musical themes and the amount of time the show uses to display contestants, behind-the-scenes footage and judge comments.

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