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Tuesday March 17, 2009 12:21 am

American Idol Tell-All: A Real Possibility?

American Idol logo Rumors have been brewing for years that someone is penning an tell-all that will divulge all the dirty details many viewers already suspect. One blogger claims to have a “tipster” who has new information on the rumored tome.

The book is reportedly being penned by an ex-employee of the popular reality series. According to the unnamed source, juicy details to be featured in the upcoming novel include: “medication/drug issues of Paula” and details about her “two gallon-size Ziploc bags full of orange prescription bottles, as well as dozens of loose pills at the bottom of each bags.”

It will also describe details about Idol plants, long rumored but scarcely confirmed, and deals they have “worked out with the show” that allow them to “avoid the audition process.” Another tidbit tells us that the book will also delve into song choice and producer persuasion therein, suggesting that some contestants are forcibly compelled to change their choices.

But this is not the first time these rumors have surfaced - nor the first time someone was supposed to be writing a book about them. Is the American Idol tell-all a real possibility…or just another TV show myth? Doesn’t it make more sense to believe that any ex-employees of the show who might have some sensitive information have long since signed non-disclosure agreements?

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