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Tuesday April 10, 2007 11:26 pm

American Idol: Season 6 Finals - Week Five

Jennifer LopezGuess who I am:  I only have one Spanish-language album to my credit, yet American Idol has already deemed me a Latin-music afficionado.  If you guessed JLo—I mean Jennifer Lopez—then you’d be right.

Well - no matter how well she may/may not sing…we all know that Jennifer can dance and put on a show.  Was she able to help infuse a little rhythm and spice into the contestants’ performances?  Read on!

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SONG:  “Sway”
MY FIRST IMPRESSION:  It’s nice to see Melinda forced to stretch her abilities.  Is it a good thing that she reminded me a bit of Eartha Kitt?  I thought the song was a bit boring, but she did fine.
JUDGES’ NOTES:  Randy didn’t think it was her best - but he thought it was a solid performance.  Paula thought it was very smooth.  Simon said that it was bound to happen:  he didn’t like it.  He found it very cabaret.

SONG:  “Conga”
MY FIRST IMPRESSION:  Watching the contestants sing in addition to feeling the music is going to be interesting.  Unfortunately, I’m not sure that Lakisha is really mastering the rhythm…or the vibe.
JUDGES’ NOTES:  Randy thought that she made it fun.  Paula didn’t feel it as much as Randy did.  She thought it was a very ‘safe’ performance.  Simon surprisingly agreed with Paula.  He added by saying the dancing was very good.

SONG:  “Smooth”
MY FIRST IMPRESSION:  The key had to be altered to fit his voice—unfortunately, it’s completely changed the tune….and not for the better.
JUDGES’ NOTES:  Randy thought it was very cool.  Paula said that it was a hot, hot performance.  Simon said that Chris managed to make it a bit contemporary.

SONG:  “Turn The Beat Around”
MY FIRST IMPRESSION:  She hasn’t even started—and yet, I’m already worried.  Okay, she’s now officially started…and I was right to be worried.  I think the short shorts has robbed her of all latin cred….rhythm…my sympathy.
JUDGES’ NOTES:  Randy said that was really karaoke.  Paula thought she had fun up there.  Simon thinks her tactic is to wear the least amount of clothes as possible.  Hey!  Didn’t I say that last week??

SONG:  “Maria, Maria”
MY FIRST IMPRESSION:  My first impulse would be to rip that stupid hat right off his head.  My second impulse would be to shake the white boy right out of him.  He so does not have the soul to make this cool…so I really wish he would stop trying.
JUDGES’ NOTES:  Randy thought most of it was quite boring.  Paula thought it was a good vocal.  Simon said the song lacked any originality.

SONG:  “The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You”
MY FIRST IMPRESSION:  Definitely the best singer so far.  I’m not sure if it’s her age or the song…but she has the right amount of spunk to this pull this genre off.
JUDGES’ NOTES:  Randy was extremely excited about it.  Paula thought she was adorable and authentic.  Simon thought it was an ‘okay’ performance.

SONG:  “I Need To Know”
MY FIRST IMPRESSION:  This could be dicey—trying to pull of a Marc Anthony song.  It doesn’t help that he started off a bit flat.  Or that his hat is just as cheesy as Phil’s.  I’m actually disappointed in this performance.  He sounds like he’s completely out of breath and barely hanging on.
JUDGES’ NOTES:  Randy said it was a hot.  Paula thought it captured his essence.  Simon said it was the best performance so far of the night.

SONG:  “Besame Mucho”
MY FIRST IMPRESSION:  By going a different route with a slow song, Sanjaya could win himself another week.  And by actually singing in Spanish…he could convince people that he’s singing the words correctly.  To be fair, without all the theatrics—he was pretty decent.
JUDGES’ NOTES:  Randy said that was actually very good.  Paula thought it was very nice.  Simon said it wasn’t horrible.

FINAL THOUGHTS:  Hayley’s got to go.  I don’t think her outfit could afford to get any shorter next week.

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