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Friday July 30, 2010 4:24 pm

The American Idol Revolving Door: DioGuardi, DeGeneres Out, Steven Tyler, J-Lo In

Kara DioGuardi, Ellen DeGeneres - American Idol

On the heels of the news that American Idol after only one season, the entire reality hemisphere is erupting. Today, TMZ is reporting that Kara DioGuardi, who graced the show for two seasons, has been fired.

Simon Cowell announced his decision to leave the show at the beginning of Season 9, sounding a death knell for the series…or did he? Two new judges with serious singing chops have now signed on to the singing competition, and they will definitely change the entire dynamic of the show.

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Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler and diva have reportedly joined the show - a sharp contrast from the comedienne and industry moguls who so recently left. Both have extensive experience with creating chart-toppers, both are known for putting on stunning stage shows and both are true Hollywood veterans. The combined star power of Tyler and Lopez almost eases the sting of Simon Cowell’s departure…almost. According to rumors, there is still some hope for Kara DioGuardi - she will remain on the show only if the J-Lo deal falls through. Which would you rather see?

Ellen for leaving the show on her own (not that we’re buying it), saying “It was a difficult decision to make, but my work schedule became more than I bargained for…It was hard for me to judge people and sometimes hurt their feelings.” It was harder to watch Ellen painfully struggle to turn everything into a joke. “I am a huge fan of the show and will continue to be.”

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