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Thursday April 14, 2011 7:08 pm

American Idol Denies Fan’s Front Row Claims

As we reported, Ashley Kauffman came forward recently to talk about being moved from her front-row American Idol seat because she was deemed “too heavy.” She talks about her experience to ABC in the video above. Now, the show has responded -- and they’re denying her claims.

Manfred Westphal, spokesman for Fremantle Media (the company that produces Idol), says that Kauffman’s statements are “simply untrue.”

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He says that Kauffman did not sit “in the back of the house,” as she claimed. “In fact, she and her remaining party were seated just four rows behind their friends, directly in camera shot, in some of the best seats in the house.”

Hannah Solarzano, 19, was among Kauffman’s group, and she was also moved from the front row. In Solarzano’s case, she was shifted because was wearing shorts. She stated that she never heard anyone say Kauffman was too fat to sit up front. “I was three people away from Steven Tyler, so I wasn’t complaining,” Solarzano said of her new seats.



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