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Thursday May 13, 2010 10:38 am

American Idol 9: Top 4 Results

kicked off the Top 4 results show by announcing the season’s highest vote tally, which was counted Tuesday night: nearly 37 million. The evening’s line-up offered Season 5 contender Chris Daughtry, rocker Bon Jovi and Season 3 winner Fantasia…not to mention, the shattered dreams of one Idol hopeful.

began the night with “Bittersweet.” The wardrobe was horrible, but the performance was pretty good. The VH1 diva still has a strong set of pipes. Fantasia’s new album - the first in three years - will be out this summer. She says the album will offer a lot of “soul” tunes, which should delight Fantasia fans.

The Top 4 contestants gathered on stage as this week’s Ford video debuted. The theme was a world travel.

The Top 3 Idols get the opportunity to go home, making the results more important than ever. To give this season’s hopefuls a taste of what they might enjoy, a long video montage of previous Top 3 home city appearances rolled. After this, host Ryan Seacrest took some time asking the Top 4 what they would do if they get a chance to get home next week. In truth, all four of them will go home next week…but one will not be followed by American Idol cameras.

Family members and supporters of the four remaining contestants were gathered on the Idol stage, so their expressions could be well-captured by the cameras. The house lights dimmed, and all four contenders stood to find out their news.

Michael Lynche and Casey James were called to stand first. On Tuesday, the two performed “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman,” together, a tune chosen by Big Mike. “He was so excited about it,” Casey James explained.

Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze were addressed next. The pair sang “Falling Slowly,” to high critical acclaim from the judges. “It’s just a great movie, great song,” Crystal smiled. The movie in question is an Irish indy film called “Once,” which was well-received by critics and scored the 2008 Oscar win for Best Original Song.

Casey James was the first to make it to the Top 3 - and arguably the only one on the stage Wednesday night who doesn’t deserve to be there. 

More results would have to wait. Daughtry appeared on stage to perform “September,” as led by Idol fourth-place finisher . Great song, great performance, great singer. Eliminated behind the likes of Katharine McPhee, Elliott Yamin and Taylor Hicks. Anything can happen on American Idol’s Top 4 night, folks…as evidenced by the Casey James result.

Michael Lynche, Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox stood under the red stage lights to find out more results. Ryan Seacrest spoke briefly with each of the three, drawing out the tension for the benefit of the viewers at home and in the audience. The host then announced the good news: Lee DeWyze is also in the Top 3. His homecoming will be celebrated in Chicago.

appeared on stage to sing “Superman Tonight.” It goes without saying that they sounded great and front man Jon Bon Jovi looked fantastic.

Michael Lynche and Crystal Bowersox stood again on stage to hear the results of their votes. As the lights dimmed, the two moved to stand close to each other. Crystal began to cry, immediately embracing Big Mike, when she learned that she would be moving to the Top 3.

“It’s been unbelievable,” Michael Lynche told Ryan Seacrest. He said he was thankful for receiving the judges’ save before his clip played. Big Mike was definitely the season’s most lovable contestant, a huge teddy bear of a man who is bound for success in the entertainment industry. 

The season’s biggest contestant sang us out with his inspirational tune from Tuesday night, “Will You Be There.” The theater stood on its feet as he powerfully delivered the number, making the most out of his final moments on the show. Lynche stopped to embrace all the judges before taking his final bows.

Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze and Casey James are on their way home. If you want to welcome them, crowds are probably already forming in their home cities. Meanwhile, get all the elimination interviews, gossip and spoilers - check out all our posts.



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