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Friday March 26, 2010 10:43 am

American Idol 9: Top 11 Results

The Top 11 results show of was given a big intro, with emphasis on the importance of being in the Top 10. Only this group will make it to the Idol summer tour and stretch their fame a bit longer, potentially going on to long-lasting success in the music industry.

The judges’ save is still in effect and unplayed. Would it be used Wednesday night? Before we could get to any votes results, the Top 11 performed the lasting favorite “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.” Great choice. The Top 11 sounded great together, too, easily making this the best group performance of the season.

This week’s Ford commercial was set to the tune of “It’s Our Time Now,” and featured lots of colored balls. That is the truth. As always, you can watch the Ford videos on the official Idol site.

Performance over, the Top 11 were gathered on stage to listen to their results. “Surviving this cut is really important,” reminded the contestants what was at stake. The host spent some time talking to each contestant before he began to read the results.

Siobhan Magnus was the first to be called to stand, and therefore the first to be pronounced safe. Lee DeWyze and Casey James were asked to stand up together. Both had pretty strong performances on Tuesday, though Lee went first and Casey sounded very much like the original version of the song he performed. Both reasons could bring them fewer votes than what might ordinarily might be the case. The pair remained standing as Seacrest turned to Tim Urban and Paige Miles, both underdogs in the contest. Paige had a horrible night during her performance; Tim got horrible reviews from the judges.

“I lost myself in the song…it was a poor performance,” Paige reflected as Ryan addressed them. The host asked which one of them was in the bottom three. “I would probably say Paige,” delivered the bad news. In a twist, Ryan Seacrest sent both to the bottom three. Both were also in the bottom three last week, so this was a pretty clear indication that one was sure to go.

appeared on the Idol stage with a fog machine and a baby grand piano to sing “When I Look at You.” The week’s mentor was casual and friendly with the Top 11, about what you’d expect. The performance was about what you’d expect, too. If you’re a Miley Cyrus fan, you absolutely loved it and thought it all flawless. If you’re not smitten with Cyrus…well, that’s what Tivo is for, yes? At least she was appropriately and elegantly dressed. During her after-performance chat with the host, Miley complimented Tim Urban’s stage slide. Now that the Queen of the tweens has given him her endorsement, he could well win the whole damn thing. Next week’s theme will be R&B/Soul, as mentored by Usher.

The AI telethon Idol Gives Back won’t occur for four more weeks, but you can log into whenever you like if you want to start donating. This year’s proceeds will be given to aid disaster relief in Haiti.

Aaron Kelly was the first to stand when Ryan Seacrest began to read more results. Kelly’s performance was incredibly strong Tuesday, and he was quickly told to sit back down. Didi Benami was the next to hear her fate. asked Didi for a “better song choice” if she sticks around on the show. Simon Cowell believes Didi “over-thinks things.” Benami was pronounced safe after all this, and she was happy to sit down.

Michael Lynche stood to rousing applause as Ryan began to read his results. Lynche got some criticism from the judges the night before, but there was doubt he would make it to the Top 10. Crystal Bowersox, of course, was also pronounced safe. Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia were asked to stand up together. Garcia got very harsh criticism the night before. “That’s mean, man,” Andrew smiled as he delivered his assessment of their critique. Katie Stevens was then sent to the bottom three, and Andrew was allowed to sit down with the other tour singers.

This left Katie Stevens, Tim Urban and Paige Miles as the bottom three. Katie Stevens, so quickly added to the group, was immediately pulled.

But before either could be eliminated, Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas stepped on stage to perform. It’s Disney night on Idol, folks. There’s no question that Disney and FOX are in cahoots together. Anyone else think the performance was absolutely horrible to listen to? From the song to the vocals to the horrible faces they both pull when they’re singing, the whole thing was just absolutely awful. The word repugnant fairly leaps to mind. The two drove the teens in the crowd absolutely wild.

Finally, Paige Miles and Tim Urban stood under the hot spotlights as Ryan Seacrest read the vote. There were lots of boos from the crowd when Paige’s name was read, but this was easy to see coming. She was horrendous Tuesday night, and gave her no hope of a save even before she began her last performance. “Regardless of your singing, you’re going to end up going home tonight. It’s got to a point where it’s just not working. I don’t want to give you any false hope here.” Cowell then told Paige she “genuinely” has a good voice, and advised her to take herself back to the moment she first met the judges.

“It was a great learning experience,” Paige managed to smile for the camera before her video clip rolled. Paige Miles will not be on the Idol summer tour, which is likely for the best. She’s been very inconsistent on the show, and seems to have no idea what sort of music she wants to sing. Ryan Seacrest wrapped it all up before he allowed Miles to sing the show out. Paige then delivered her best performance of the season, too late to be of any help (and even still, full of mistakes).

Next week, the tour performers will sing R&B songs under the tutelage of a new mentor. Stay updated on the all the spoilers, gossip and updates - check out all our posts.



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