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Thursday April 28, 2011 10:41 pm

American Idol 10: Top 6 Results

Ryan Seacrest predicted that viewers would be “upset” with the night’s results. But with only 6 contenders remaining in the year’s American Idol competition, any one of them is capable of surprising fans with an elimination. And the host’s comment was mostly bluster, for in the end it was the performer who performed the worst that was dismissed.

Seacrest took time to shine the spotlight on Steven Tyler, who’s all over the media this week because of his new memoir. As Tyler explained, “I may be good, but when I’m bad I’m even better.”

All 6 of them sounded atrocious during their group number, a medley of Carole King songs. It was almost unwatchable, but you can see it in the video above (at your own risk). You can see the week’s Ford music video at Albumista as always.

Season 9’s second-place finisher Crystal Bowersox took the stage next. She performer her “Ridin' With the Radio” It’s from her Farmer's Daughter album. You can watch her (somewhat lackluster) performance in the video above.

After a few time-wasting exercises, Ryan Seacrest began to read results. Haley Reinhart was pulled to the center of the stage first, and sent back to safety after a lengthy video package.

Scotty McCreery was next. He has been a front-runner in the contest since Day 1, but Seacrest chose to draw out the tension by sitting Scotty down without revealing anything at all. Lauren Alaina, the season’s other country singer, stepped out to take his place at the center of the stage. Alaina’s hometown in Georgia was ravaged by tornadoes, and some voters found they could not cast votes for her. Did it affect her in the week’s results?

She was made to wait as well as Ryan Seacrest turned his attentions to Casey Abrams. He gave viewers an extremely odd performance on Wednesday, and though the judges loved it Abrams was clearly in danger this week. He was also moved to the side of the stage without learning anything new. Idol’s time-wasting practices are getting less clever.

James Durbin was put in the hot seat next, but he did not have to wait to find out that he’s safe in the competition (until next week, anyway). Jacob Lusk, who performed a duet with Durbin the night before, stood next to Seacrest next. Lusk won lots of high praise from the judges for his solo song.

As Jacob stood and fretted, Casey, Lauren and Scotty were called back to the stage. Lauren was declared safe, and smilingly walked away after exchanging hugs with the three guys still standing on stage.

Bruno Mars performed “The Lazy Song” before more results were read. The upbeat, lighthearted number was thoroughly enjoyable. Watch it again and again in the video above.

Scotty McCreery, Jacob Lusk and Casey Abrams stood on stage together when the show returned. Jacob Lusk was sent to safety, leaving Scotty and Casey to sweat it out. But of course it was Abrams, and not Scotty McCreery, who was ousted from the contest.

He’s always managed to stand out in the contest… maybe a little too much. Abrams pushed the envelope a little too far on Wednesday, and had to sing his Idol swan song as a result. Once-saved Casey Abrams closed the night with “I Put a Spell on You,” putting on the show of his life, and walked away from the stage. Watch his incredible, unforgettable performance in the video above.

Only 5 of them will take the stage next week, and we’ll be here to recap it. Read all our American Idol 10 posts to follow all the action.



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