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Friday May 6, 2011 12:57 pm

American Idol 10: Top 5 Results

American Idol Top 5 Results

Wednesday’s American Idol was peppered with great songs and fantastic performances, and the judges were over the moon. So how did voters pick for their Top 4? The answer came at the end of a lengthy hour.

Approximately 60 million votes came in for the Top 5 Idols, the most of the season. To kick off the show, they sang “So Happy Together.” The performance was pretty rough… to put it kindly. The week’s Ford video was much better. You can see the whole thing at Albumista.

The Top 5 got to visit with Gordon Ramsey in Hell’s Kitchen. He tasked them with making omelets, which inspired lots of fear and confusion. Poor James Durbin didn’t even turn his stove on until Ramsey helped him. Gordon had acerbic comments for all of them, except Lauren Alaina who managed to produce a “very nice” meal. She was the clear winner of the challenge, with Jacob Lusk scoring a second-place victory.

In the next Ramsay segment, the two of them hand to go head-to-head for his famous tasting challenge. Lauren incorrectly identified beef as pork chop, while Lusk scored right away. Only Lauren could identify tofu; Jacob spit his out. She quickly identified hot dog, and Jacob could not. The results left Lauren as the clear winner for the second time. “I am now American Idol’s best chef. Let’s hope my winning streak continues,” she grinned at cameras.

Lady Antebellum performed “Just a Kiss” on the Idol stage before a single vote was read. The number was very professional and entertaining. All the judges and contestants gave them a standing ovation when it was all over. Watch it in the video above.

Ryan Seacrest read some results after they exited the stage, asking James Durbin to stand first. He received rave reviews from the judges both times he performed the night before, but he was stuck in the first performance position. He was asked to begin a group on the far side of the stage.

Lauren Alaina won Seacrest’s attention next. She also got positive reviews from the judges for both her songs, but Jimmy Iovine predicted that her “Unchained Melody” performance would land her in the bottom two. She was shuffled to the near side of the stage, separate from James Durbin. That’s not where she wanted to be.

Jennifer Lopez took control of the stage to perform “On the Floor” next. Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Ryan Seacrest sat together in the audience to watch her. It was worth watching. Lopez is a consummate performer, and she put on a huge stage show. Her voice sounded great too, but it’d be impossible to mess up with that much AutoTuning. She also debuted a teaser for her new music video, “I’m Into You.” Watch it at Albumista.

Jacob Lusk was asked to stand up to hear his results after J-Lo returned to the judges’ table. He endured harsh criticism from Iovine before being asked to stand with Lauren (which made things look a whole lot more grim for Lauren).

A smiling Haley Reinhart stood next. She’s a darling of the judges and Jimmy Iovine both, though the panel didn’t jump up and down when she sang an unreleased Lady Gaga song during performance night. She was asked to join James, and things were going just swimmingly for Haley.

Scotty McCreery remained unsorted. He scored acclaim from the judges and Jimmy Iovine for his performances of the preceding night, which were both solid. “Although you stood up here with Casey [Abrams] last week, those results were read in random order. The truth is, you have never been in the bottom two.” And, he still isn’t. McCreery was declared safe, and asked to choose which group he thought was the “safe” group.

“I can’t do that,” he hedged, shaking his head. Ryan, predictably, waved him over to James and Haley. All three were found to be safe, Durbin fell to his knees, and hugs were exchanged.

Lauren Alaina and Jacob Lusk were left in the bottom two, and Jimmy Iovine’s prediction proved true. Both had tears in their eyes as Seacrest drew out the tension on reading the final result, which wasn’t much of a surprise.

Jacob Lusk was dismissed, and Vote For the Worst is left (again) without a horse in the race.

For his final song, Jacob performed “A House is Still a Home.” The judges stood as he delivered the vocally stunning performance. Lusk’s range is incredible, and he’d probably be fantastic on Broadway.

But he definitely won’t be the American Idol. The show returns next week with its Top 4. Keep track of all of it with our American Idol 10 posts.



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