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Monday February 21, 2011 6:17 am

American Idol 10: Top 24 Spoilers


UPDATE: We were wrong! Keep reading to get the new, corrected spoilers.

The good folks at Vote For the Worst have obtained a list of American Idol’s Top 24, which was revealed to contestants about the same time we were all watching them perform on stage for Hollywood’s Group Night. Many of the expected names are on the list (the show can only feature the same contestants so many times before it becomes obvious), but that doesn’t mean there are no surprises.

Want to find out what the show’s producers already know? Follow the jump to find out who made the cut -- and who managed to screw it up after all.

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Predictably, the list is comprised of 12 women and 12 men, the same formula Idol has used in the past with much success. Early standout Jacee Badeaux made the cut, as did his Group Night frenemy Clint Jun Gamboa. Oft-seen, red-haired Brett Loewenstern will manage to survive the cuts, as will sad story James Durbin. Pretty Julie Zorrilla, blonde Lauren Alaina and powerful Ashton Jones all also made the list.

Most of the names are no surprise, and all are familiar. But only one country boy will be gracing the Top 24 -- Scotty McCreery is in, John Wayne Schulz is not. Casey Abrams, who is known for unusual instrument choices, will bring his unique flair to the contest, as will Robbie Rosen. And, all that’s expected.

What isn’t expected is the glaring names missing from the list -- including Chris Medina. He gained early attention during his audition by virtue of a desperately impaired finance. Emotional train wreck Ashley Sullivan is also not on the list, and this is surprising only because she continues to survive no matter how many times she loses her cool in front of judges. Neither Colton Dixon nor Carson Higgins made the cut, which looks to us like a mistake. And, the most glaring oversight of all -- Jacob Lusk isn’t on the list. Bad judges. Bad, bad judges. See the entire Top 24 at VFTW.

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Febuary 21 UPDATE:

New information shows that some of our spoilers might be wrong, but don't worry -- we've already got corrections to share.

American Idol Top 24 (spoilers still in progress):

Brett Loewenstern, Casey Abrams, Clint Jun Gamboa, Jacob Lusk, Jacee Badeaux, James Durbin, Jordan Dorsey, Jovany Barreto, Paul McDonald, Robbie Rosen, Scott McCreery, Ashton Jones, Julie Zorrilla, Karen Rodriguez, Kendra Chantelle, Lauren Alaina, Lauren Turner, Naima Adedapo, Pia Toscano, Rachel Zevita, Haley Reinhart, Tim Halperin.

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