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Friday March 11, 2011 12:59 pm

American Idol 10: Top 13 Results

American Idol gave itself a big opening for the Wednesday results show to get the crowd good and hyped for the intense hour that would follow. Approximately 30 million votes were recorded for the Top 13 singers… but, it may mean nothing. The judges’ save, offered in recent seasons, is active once again. At any time, the panel may save one eliminated contestant and keep them in the contest.

On the fashion front, Steven Tyler wore a long trench coat, J-Lo an asymmetrical blouse that was literally frightening and Ryan Seacredst his standard black suit.

Casey Abrams was not present for the live show; he has been hospitalized once again. Again, Abrams was rushed in for treatment after he complained of severe stomach pains. We’ll keep you updated on his story through VIP Breakdown.

Idol also spent some time showing off the Beverly Hills mansion the Top 13 have been calling home. The mansion has 9 bedrooms, a grand piano, a swimming pool, miles of gleaming hardwood floors, an impressive view -- the works. Take the tour to get another look at the impressive pad (and, to find out what it costs to live in reality TV luxury).

The Top 12 (Abrams was absent, don’t forget) performed their first group number of the season next, a medley of Michael Jackson songs that you can see in the video at the top of the article. It was fairly horrible, but the first group number often is. The first Ford video of the season premiered next. You can catch the entire thing on Albumista (by the way, Abrams was absent for this as well).

Abrams was present for the Red Riding Hood red carpet, where the Top 13 got to meet celebrities, including star of the movie Amanda Seyfried. Get all the red carpet coverage -- with pictures -- at VIP Breakdown.

At last, Ryan Seacrest began to read some results. He called Jacob Lusk, Karen Rodriguez and Stefano Langone to the stage first. Lusk and Stefano are judge favorites, and Rodriguez has all the diva potential in the world but didn’t score a lot of positive comments during the performance round. Langone is one of the contest’s three wildcard inserts.

But it was Karen Rodriguez was exiled to a bottom 3 stool, leaving Lusk and Langone to walk back to safety. And the results show was well underway.

Adam Lambert, season 8 runner-up, returned to Idol to perform “Aftermath.” Lambert was unusually toned-down for the number, delivering the song on a stool and looking surprisingly normal and clean-cut. t was like looking at a whole new Adam Lambert, and we can’t help but wonder: what sort of stunt is he pulling now?

After the number was over, Lambert explained to Seacrest that he wanted to get the message of the song across, but the dance version is available as well.

More results were read after Lambert left the stage. Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina and Ashton Jones were called forward. Ashton is also a wildcard insert, Lauren has the support of the country music fans behind her and Reinhart has failed to stand out in the competition. Lauren was dangerously close to tears before Ryan Seacrest sent her back to safety, ending her misery. In a surprise twist, both remaining girls were sent to the bottom three stools to leave the waiting Idols completely safe.

Ashton Jones, Karen Rodriguez and Haley Reinhart were the week’s bottom three, but no more could be revealed until after Diddy-Dirty Money performed.

“Coming Home” sounded fantastic on the Idol stage, and we wish they’d picked this as the year’s exit song (but, they didn’t). Sean "Diddy" Combs put on an exceptional show, as always, igniting the crowd.

“You have to keep on practicing, keep on rehearsing,” Diddy advised the contestants. “And don’t stop. Don’t ever stop.” The appearance on the show gave him the chance to reunite with ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez, with whom Combs once had a wild night involving a club, a gun and police intervention (circa 1999).

Finally, the bottom three stood on stage to learn their fate, and Karen Rodriguez was the first to be sent to safety. She was all smiles as she kissed Haley and Ashton before skipping off to join the Top 12. Ashton Jones, wildcard pick, was summarily eliminated. Get the hint, judges?

She didn’t have a shot of getting the save, despite Ryan Seacrest‘s encouraging comments. Ashton bravely warbled out the Diana Ross song that got her kicked to the curb, and it was still the wrong choice. Jones has got a great voice. Now, she just needs a personality and she’ll be doing fine.

Ashton cried bitterly when the performance was over, and her pain was prolonged when Seacrest made a big deal about asking the judges if they were going to use their save for her. “Not this time, baby, I’m sorry,” J-Lo delivered the news. “And, it was unanimous. I’m sorry,” she apologized again before Ashton was left off the hook.

Being a good singer just isn’t enough. But, don’t fret -- many other fine contestants remains to have their hearts broken in future results shows.

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