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Saturday January 19, 2008 4:03 pm

Amazing Race Team Update: Nate and Jen

Amazing Race Nathan and JenniferAt the end of the last leg, Nathan and Jennifer ended the episode on an unclear note.  Did the volatile couple break up or not?  Well, for those of you concerned/indifferent/thinking evil thoughts about the status of their relationship, we now have our answer.  Drum roll please.  They’re still together! (Cue head shaking now.)

The team I personally loved-to-hate revealed to TV Guide that after a little time apart, they realized they truly did love each other.  (In other words, they knew others would struggle to find them appealing once the series premiered.)  Apparently you only hurl insults at those you love.

In the online interview, we also learned other interesting tidbits about their experience (and costly decisions) during the race.  Why did they opt to take the subway instead of a cab in Taipei?  (They wanted to trust the locals.)  How long did it take to push that donkey along the trail?  (A whopping four hours.)  Why did Jen hate TK and his dreads so much?  (That answer was a little unclear.  I believe it’s because she’s simply a whiner.)

To read the full exit interview for yourself - so you can make your own judgments their relationship - click on the link below.

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