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Thursday May 29, 2008 9:34 pm

A Week in the the Life: David Cook

David Cook

He won national media attention, the love of thousands of new fans and the highly-coveted title of season seven’s . What could possibly beat any of these huge life achievements? David Cook’s Billboard results, that’s what.

Eleven songs hit the Billboard Hot 100 song chart this week - the most new tunes from any performer in the fifty year span the list has existed. “The Time of My Life,” which Cook crooned at the Idol finale, is Cook’s biggest hit of the week. The tune debuted on the chart in the number 3 position. Other Cook tunes listed include his rendition of “Dream Big” (15) and “I’m Alive” (99). He may not be at number one, but he certainly isn’t doing too bad, either. 

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David Cook’s astounding eleven-song chart takeover makes the former Billboard record look like small potatoes ( had six new songs appear at once). For a heretofore practically unknown performer, it’s amazing. No, that’s not true - it would be amazing for any performer…which obviously just makes it more amazing (see how I’m throwing this word around? I think it would be a great title for Cook’s debut album - using his own name is uninspired and totally predictable).

Despite the notable success of the resident winner, David Cook and are now the only two Idol winners whose final songs didn’t appear in the 1 or 2 spot on the chart (though Sparks never made it past 15). Second-place season seven contestant David Archuleta has three songs appearing on the list, with “Imagine” currently in 36. Meanwhile, Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown are still sitting in fifth place with “No Air.” 

Cook also scored nearly one million downloads this week (actual number, nine hundred forty-two thousand). Archuleta managed to nab more than three hundred thousand downloads of his own. Jason Castro came in as third most-downloaded Idol of the week with sixty-four thousand hits.


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American Idol really had two great contestants this year and I was basically split on who to vote for so I abstained.  David Cook’s singing is so pure and refreshing (that someone can actually sing well in real life!) that I am not surprised that he is occupying 11 spots in the top 100, though I have not heard him on the radio in my city very much.


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