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Wednesday May 20, 2009 4:14 am

90210 Finale Offers Fireworks

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Ethan admitted his feelings for Silver, Naomi got into a screaming match with Annie, hottie Liam got dragged off to Godonlyknowswhere…and the main character might’ve killed someone at the end of the episode. All in all, it was a pretty good first season finale for .

To backtrack, the episode followed up on the Sophomore Prom (an event which does not exist at any high school I’ve ever known…but then who knows what the kids are doing these days). Naomi () decided to host the after party at her house, a decision which led to the culmination of several different story lines.

Before it was all said and done, everything got flipped again - which is exactly what you should expect from a great season-ender. The cliffhanger car accident has only been done about a hundred times before (I even saw it as a finale for squeaky-clean 7th Heaven in the past), but that’s only because it works. When Naomi discovered Liam (Matt Lanter) zipping up after a sexual romp with an unknown female, she immediately jumped to the conclusion that he’d been canoodling with main character Annie Wilson ().

This stems, of course, from Annie’s previous assignations with Ethan. To that end, Ethan Ward (Dustin Milligan, who is still dismissed from the show) admitted his feelings of like for one Erin Silver (Jessica Stroup). This seems like a pretty interesting love triangle, but since Milligan won’t be returning in Season 2 I guess that’s all moot now. Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) gave birth to her baby daughter, which she subsequently gave up for adoption as per her previously-stated plans. The touching scene featured Brenda Walsh (), a wonderful late-season treat for Beverly Hills fans.

But for me, the real story is Naomi Clark, Liam Court, and Naomi’s scandalous sister Jen (Sara Foster). After he cheated on the former with the latter, Liam tried to call Naomi to make amends. In the most confusing scene of the season he was dragged from bed, half-naked, by two burly men screaming about military school. Seriously, $*@# like that doesn’t happen and it’s a bit of bad writing - but who knows, maybe they’ll pull that one out of the fire somehow in Season 2.

The main cliffhanger, and I suspect the main focal point for the season closer, was Annie’s hit-and-run. After being publicly humiliated and subsequently blowing her top at the party, Annie grabbed a bottle of liquor and made a dash for her car. In the final, chilling scene of 90210’s first season, she was seen driving during the early morning hours. While glancing down to fool with something inside the car, she experienced a bump and a thud. As another car pulled up, she quickly drove away…leaving what looked very much like a dead body behind her.

And that’s how it ended. Ready for Season 2 yet?


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