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Tuesday August 15, 2006 8:03 pm

Project Runway Finalist Revealed?

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Technically the information here may be several weeks old to those who faithfully follow Project Runway news.  But given the recent model shake-up in last week’s episode, we may now have a better clue as to who makes it to the final fashion show.

In the past, models stayed with the designers they were assigned to from the very beginning…that is unless their designer wins the weekly challenge and decides to trade them up for someone better.  But last week’s episode was a first for the models and the designers.  The models actually got to draw who they would work with that week.  Interesting!!  Assuming there isn’t another twist in the weeks to come, I can use my Encyclopedia Brown skills to make a possible conclusion.

We learned recently that a model for one of the final three contestants was injured in a freak accident back in June.  That model, Jia Santos, was bicycling to a taping of the show when she was hit by a bus and then dragged underneath.  Santos went home six weeks later after being hospitalized with a fractured skull and eye socket.  Her absence will be explained in the series’ finale.

Now if case you weren’t paying close attention—Jia’s designer for last week was VINCENT.  And since Vincent didn’t win last week, he won’t have the opportunity to change models.  Also, based on previous rules, no one else will be able snatch her up anytime soon unless Vincent loses and someone takes pity on her.

Reminder—if Heidi decides to change things up again, this prediction could be null and void.  But it sure was fun to speculate.  My vote is for change…and lots of it.  Aside from keeping things fresh, there would be a lot of head-shaking in my household if Vincent makes it that far.

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Well, the final SIX contestants actually got to show their runway collections in New York. That taping only happened today. So I unfortunately don’t think we can assume anything about that interview with Leanne. I’m sure they taped multiple interviews just to throw everyone off. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see her in the Bottom Three anyway.


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