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Friday January 12, 2007 5:58 pm

Mark Burnett Takes on MTV Movie Awards

Mark BurnettBecause there’s nothing that Mark Burnett can’t handle—he will now be taking control of the MTV Movie Awards as executive producer. Now, we can’t expect any Burnett production to be without twists. But what can he do to an awards show? Make the nominees compete in elaborate challenges? Send the award losers to exile island? Have Donald Trump fire someone? Well, he can’t do too much to the awards, but he is changing things up a bit by televising the MTV Movie Awards live for the first time. Burnett won’t be altering much of anything, and the kooky categories and movie parodies that fans enjoy will stay put. He does plan to include some “bombshell moments” to make the broadcast more interesting. MTV president Christina Norman says in a statement, “Mark has great ideas and vision for the Movie Awards, and I know he’s going to bring some fresh energy to the show.” The MTV Movie Awards will air on June 3rd.

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