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Thursday March 23, 2006 4:55 pm

LOST: It’s A Question of Time

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Ana Lucia LostOkay - of all the revelations in tonight’s episode, there was one thing in particular that really got to me.  And no—it wasn’t about Sun’s big secret. Thought that was a doozy. Early in the episode, I had a Different Strokes moment when I caught myself saying: “What chu talkin’ about, Ana Lucia?”  At first I wasn’t sure if I heard her correctly, but thanks to the power of rewind I was certain.  Remember that first conversation between Ana Lucia and Locke?  She said “We’ve been here over a week and you’ve barely spoken two words to me” (or something like that).  “We’ve been here over a week.”

Just over a week?  Are you kidding me?  It’s only been that long?  Let’s recap a sampling of the events that have happened since the arrival of the Tailies:

  • Mr. Eko gave Locke a portion of the film reel
  • Mr. Eko baptized Claire’s baby
  • Psychotherapist Libby helped Claire with her memory
  • Libby flirted with Hurley in the laundry room
  • Sun was grabbed (by Charlie) in the jungle…Ana Lucia was fingered as a suspect. 
  • A mystery man was found in the jungle

And let’s just remind you—this was just a sampling.  I must say though, this does help to explain their lack of hair growth…

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