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Thursday August 30, 2007 12:48 pm

Letterman to Appear on Oprah

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David Letterman Aww, it’s cute that David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey have reconciled. I mean, that whole “Oprah—Uma” thing that Letterman did oh so many Oscars ago is certainly water under the bridge by now? Winfrey finally made her peace and appeared on Late Show in 2005. Sure, she wanted to plug her musical The Color Purple, but it was a stellar reunion nonetheless. Now it’s Dave’s turn to repay the favor—he’ll appear on an upcoming installment of Oprah’s talk show, which will tape the week of September 10th. This is big for a couple of reasons—first, Letterman rarely appears on anyone’s show; second, it’s Oprah. You can’t get much bigger than that. I’ve been a fan of Letterman since I was a kid who could barely keep my eyes open for his show. Come to think of it, I can barely keep my eyes open as an adult for late night television anymore. Have I come full circle? Oprah will be taping in New York City at Madison Square Garden, with her focus on the sixth anniversary of 9/11. Rest assured, her chat with Letterman is not expected to be a serious interview… so you can expect plenty of goofiness from Dave (and maybe a bit from Oprah too). This kicks off Oprah’s 22nd season of the show. Oprah and Dave last appeared on a Super Bowl commercial together.

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