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Friday June 16, 2006 2:30 am

Leno and Conan Share Jokes?

Jay LenoOkay, so we all accept that late night television hosts comment on the days headlines, but Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien’s opening monologues last night were so similar, I’m starting to wonder if they share a writing staff. And I’m not just referring to content, but down to wording and structure of the jokes.

Punchlines in common:

  • Referencing George W. Bush excusing himself from a meeting saying he was going to his room to read. Pause… The FBI decides “we’ve got to come up with a better excuse next time”
  • Begin with reports that findings show FEMA reimbursed over a billion dollars spent on drugs, vacations, and pornography….“and the rest of it was wasted!”
  • Reports from the new Superman movie claim that it was shot to have gay appeal…(Insert joke claiming Ryan Seacrest is the star here)

These jokes were literally almost delivered word for word on back-to-back shows. Isn’t the point of comedy the element of surprise?

Gallery: Leno and Conan Share Jokes?

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