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Thursday January 19, 2006 2:33 pm

Kelly Clarkson Snubs American Idol

Kelly ClarksonBiting the hand that fed her, Kelly Clarkson is currently squabbling with the producers of her former stomping ground, American Idol.  It seems the 2002 Winner is not quite ready to have her hits ripped to shreds by aspiring wannabes this season and has refused the rights to her songs.  This, of course, is not settling well with Simon Cowell who has deemed the singer ‘difficult’, stating “It’s the public who bothered to pick up the phone to vote for her. If she refuses to give songs to be used on the show, it’s like saying to every person who voted for you, ‘you know what? Thank you. I’m not interested in you anymore.’”

Some may think she’s being unappreciative of the show that made her her what she is today, but who could blame her for holding out for more money?  Is it her fault that she is the only winner who has had any songs worth singing??  And yes—we are ignoring that Clay Aiken has ever existed…

NOTE TO PRODUCERS:  if you think that Kelly still owes you anything—please keep these four words in mind:  ‘From Justin to Kelly’

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