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Wednesday September 20, 2006 6:23 pm

Is Studio 60 Must See TV?

Studio 60  Now that I’ve had time to digest the series premiere of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, it’s time for a little post-mortem analysis:

What Will Make Me Watch Again:
-Thanks to creator/writer Aaron Sorkin and director Thomas Schlamme, Studio 60 very much has the feel of a West Wing episode.  The quick, witty banter is always refreshing after a week’s worth of reality shows
-Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford are tried and true likeable actors who know how to deliver
-we are reunited with characters from the West Wing that we had grown to love (Timothy Busfield, Perry, Whitford) and we were even treated with a cameo from Felicity Huffman (from Sorkin’s Sports Night)
-It gives us a perspective we haven’t really seen.  Makes us wonder what’s really going on backstage at the real-SNL

What Will Make Me Think Twice:
-This is too much like the West Wing...even the title fonts are recycled!!  And I swear the hotel room scene was filmed on the WW lot.
-I love that Sorkin is loyal to the actors he has worked with before… but it’s a new show.  He needs new people.
-Perry and Whitford are delivering the exact same routine we’ve seen from them before
-Is there some reason Sorkin loves to do ‘behind-the-scenes’ based series? Sports Night, West Wing and now this.  Me thinks he might need to start branching out soon.
-Last but not least, I am in no way buying Amanda Peet as the NBS President… and this has nothing to do with her being a young woman.  She just doesn’t have the presence to pull that role off.

Final Analysis:  It’s neither here nor there.  If I’m free and without anything else to watch on my Tivo, I’ll probably watch the show again.  But I’m not going to hurt myself trying to find the time.

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