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Friday February 10, 2006 2:40 pm

Greg Grunberg Finally Takes The Lead

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DescriptionAlways a bridesmaid, never a bride: Greg Grunberg has been known for a number of supporting roles in popular series, but has never carried the spotlight himself. From a goofy sidekick on Felicity to a right- hand man in Alias to a cameo as an ill-fated pilot in Lost, not only has Grunberg received all his roles from popular series creator J.J. Abrams; he’s also always been the guy in the background. Finally, he’ll have a chance to take the lead in the NBC drama Heroes, about normal people who discover they have gained superpowers. Will Grunberg be able to carry a show on his sturdy shoulders? We’ll tune in to find out.

Greg Grunberg, whose “Alias” character supported the nearly superheroic Sydney Bristow for several seasons, is getting some powers of his own. Grunberg will star in the NBC pilot “Heroes,” a show about people who discover they have superpowers. “Heroes” comes from “Crossing Jordan” creator Tim Kring. It’s about a group of seemingly everyday people, Grunberg among them, who realize they have superhuman abilities, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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