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Wednesday November 16, 2005 3:18 am

Gilmore Girls: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Posted by Rhys Alexander Categories: Drama, WB,

The latest episode of Gilmore Girls sparked mixed reviews. Some parts the fans loved; some parts they reviled.

The Good: Rory regaining her focus in life. The fact that she and Lorelai reconciled. Paul Anka doing better. Lane getting screen time. Lorelai putting the smackdown on the obnoxious Zach. Emily showing true emotion.

The Bad: The always annoying Colin in an unnecessary scene. The unbelievable shortness of the reconciliation scene: fans have waited all season and this is all we get? Rip-off. And the worst, the absolute worst, is the worst storyline ever on GG: Luke’s ‘long lost’ daughter revealed. Ugh.

The Ugly: That bedroom set. Shudder.

As truly rabid fans will note, the episode was written by Daniel Palladino, who fans have always felt was the weakest writer on the show. Perhaps the writer they adore, Amy Sherman-Palladino, will write the next one and add more Good into the mix.

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