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Friday November 18, 2005 9:44 pm

Gilmore Girls Gets Its Own Cousin Oliver

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Cousin OliverFans of The Brady Bunch, new and old, will remember the sudden addition of a new “cute kid” in the last season: Cousin Oliver. The addition of new characters, often young and cute, has become something of a warning signal - it’s a good sign a show is floundering. This is the moment The Brady Bunch, once and for all, “jumped the shark,” and ‘Cousin Olivers’
became a sign of doom. Cousin Oliver is back, except it’s Daughter April, on Gilmore Girls. Less than an hour after it was revealed that Luke had a long-lost daughter named April, fans left vicious remarks on message boards everywhere, and have nicknamed April’s character ‘Cousin Oliver.’ If history’s any indication, this doesn’t bode well for Gilmore Girls. Want to find out when other shows jumped the shark? Peep the link.

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