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Tuesday October 3, 2006 3:19 pm

Garbage Disposal Seen in a Bad Light on NBC’s Heroes

Posted by Wendy Michaels Categories: Drama, Prime Time, NBC, Internet, News,

HeroesWhen product placement goes wrong. That’s the issue that garbage disposal maker In-Sink-Erator has with NBC. In-Sink-Erator claims that an episode of Heroes did an injustice to their product. More specifically, in the pilot, the high school cheerleader (played by Hayden Panettiere) puts her hand into said In-Sink-Erator to mangle her fingers. While she has the ability to heal immediately following an injury, the disposal makers claims that the scene “casts the disposer in an unsavory light, irreparably tarnishing the product.” The scene showed a serious injury that resulted from someone putting their hand in the garbage disposal. The company also cried foul about the use of the In-Sink-Erator name, saying “It’s a trademark thing.” No comment yet from NBC, but the garbage disposal company is asking that any future broadcasts of that episode be barred. Currently, it can be seen on NBC’s website.

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