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Friday October 26, 2007 11:58 am

FOX Picks Up ‘Back To You’

Hacky comedy at its worst

Sometimes network executives boggle the mind with the shows they decide to pick up or, adversely, kick to the curb. One such moment is decision to pick up the horribly hacky news anchor comedy, , for a full 24-episode season. Are you kidding me? Ok, I like , I really do - and I think he has a lot of dry comedy potential. But ? Uck! There is nothing about Heaton that would make me subject myself to a half hour of listening to her voice set up hacky jokes that are only validated by some crappy laugh-track. And with the not-off-the-charts ratings the show has gotten, I’d guess that I’m not alone. How a great show like Lucky Louie gets dumped while this show is allowed to stay on the air is beyond me.

Oh yeah, and picked up six more scripts for . More like, “Samantha Who gives a crap?”

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