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Wednesday July 19, 2006 3:47 pm

Entourage:  Three’s Company

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Entourage  The boys interrupt Drama from a day parked in front of a video game.  Although he still hasn’t heard from Ari, his new supposed agent, he agrees to go out with the crew.  Apparently the brothers are 0-for-2 when it comes to Ari calls.  Vince hasn’t heard a peep since he told off Alan Gray, the President of Warner Bros.

During their night out, Eric runs into his girlfriend, Sloane.  The guys are a bit weirded out that a girl has invaded their group, but Sloane swears their meeting was a mere coincidence.  She is actually meeting up with a girlfriend from out of town.  When Vince is later approached by a girl from his past, it is clear that the boys night out is now officially over.  Ari takes his turn interrupting their evening when he calls Eric with ‘big’ news:  Alan has agreed to bump up Vince’s paycheck to $10 million.  Unfortunately, Eric and Vince are not impressed with the ‘liar’ and insist on holding out for the requested $20 million. Ari warns them not to get on Alan’s bad side…right before Eric hangs up.  Vince is too busy going home with his lady friend to be fazed by Ari’s call, but Johnny is still feeling neglected.  Thankfully, Drama’s mood is temporarily lifted when Sloane’s friend, Tori, finally arrives at their table.

As they return home, Turtle and Drama complain to Eric about Sloane’s ‘ice cold’ friend.  She apparently no interest in what they had to offer.  At that moment, Eric receives a drunken call from Sloane and Tori.  Sloane said Tori enjoyed meeting him that night and thought he was really cute.  So cute that she would be willing to have a threesome with the couple.  A few giggles later, the girls hang up leaving Eric with his jaw dropped.  Apparently Tori liked what he had to offer.  Eric ‘fesses up to Turtle and Drama about the phone call, but doesn’t believe the girls were serious.  Drama tells E that no woman should ever joke about something like that.

The next morning, Lloyd calls the house looking for Vince.  Drama tells him that Vince is sleeping but that he would be happy to talk to Ari in the meantime.  Lloyd then claims that Ari is no longer available.  But when Vince appears in the kitchen, Lloyd suddenly changes his stance.  Vince takes the call but instructs Ari to help Johnny out first.  Ari is then forced to tell Drama that he will ‘do what he can’, right before Drama hangs up on him.  When Eric shows up for breakfast, Johnny tells Vince about E’s threesome offer.  Eric again tries to blow the whole thing off, but the guys are convinced that Sloane wouldn’t have put it out there if it wasn’t a possibility.  Question is:  Is Eric man enough to push?

Ari later talks to Alan about his ‘more than generous’ offer to Vince.  “If this nonsense continues for much longer, I’m going to get mad.”  Ari knows that franchises don’t grow on trees and says he will make sure Vince doesn’t pull a Chappelle.  To sweeten the deal, Alan raises the stakes one more time and says he will give Vince $12.5 million—but Ari must close the deal by 4pm today.  Ari tells him to consider it done.  Ari then calls Vince’s house only to get Drama once again.  Johnny has apparently been authorized to tell him that Vince will only speak once he gets a job.  Frustrated, Ari storms into his conference room and cancels the staff meeting.  All the other agents must focus on getting Johnny Drama a job—even if it means putting him in a porn with a bunch of silverback monkeys.

Later that evening, Eric is out on his first dinner with Sloane post-sexual proposition.  He is clearly uncomfortable and Sloane knows he’s still thinking about the phone call.  She said it was all a joke and she knows that he would never do it anyway.  Or would he?  And would she?  They both nervously challenge each other and claim that they would, if only the other person was up to it.  Sloane calls his bluff and says that she would do it for him—but only if she gets to institute some rules.  As Vince later guesses, Sloane told Eric he couldn’t have sex with Tori.  Having had experience in this department, Vince advises Eric to make sure he is protective of Sloane if he goes through with it.  Eric needs to make sure he takes care of the person he is having the relationship with.

A half hour before the 4pm deadline, Alan makes a direct phone call to Ari.  Unfortunately, Ari isn’t ready and tells Lloyd to stall while he calls Vince one more time.  Unfortunately, he only manages to get Drama one more time.  Ari then threatens his agents again and insist they find a job for Johnny pronto.  Unfortunately, before Ari can accomplish anything, Alan calls a second time.  Frustrated, Ari is poised to trash his rental Apple computer, but instead throws something at Lloyd.  He is finally forced to answer Alan’s call and admit that he is having a hard time locating Vince.  Alan says that if he can’t find his client soon, he will no longer have a studio to work with.

Later that evening, Eric is poised to leave for his big night out when Ari and Lloyd show up at the house.  Eric offers to cancel his date to supposedly help backup Vince, but Vinnie insists that he carry through with his evening.  Meanwhile, Drama greets the two at the front door and is surprised to hear that Lloyd got him a job offer.  If Drama books the pilot he found, Lloyd will get $10,000. 

Having now made it through the door, Ari moves on to Vince.  He tells him about the new paycheck, but Vince insists that it was never about the money.  He would do the movie for free if he could just get the dates to do Medellian.  Ari tells Vince that Medellian is now a moot point.  The job has already been offered to Benicio Del Toro.  To make things clear:  Alan now owns Vince and could sue if he doesn’t do what he wants.  Ari proposes that Vince forget the whole thing and meet with them for breakfast the next day to make amends.  Vince finally agrees to doing the movie but only for the original $7 million they agreed upon.  He doesn’t want to be indebted to Alan Gray…nor does he want to make amends with him.  He’ll show up to work every day, but he won’t be going to any breakfast meetings.

While Vince is having it out with Ari, Eric is doing his best to make small talk at dinner.  He is apparently doing a good job because Tori thinks his nervousness is quite cute.  Sloane is nervous as well, so they make a conscious effort to drink up.  Later at Sloane’s house, Eric watches as the girls get things started with some dancing and kissing.  They finally invite him into the mix and lead him to the bedroom.  The next morning, Eric accidentally ends up spooning Tori.  When she wakes up with a mixed look confusion and disgust, he quickly backs off and snuggles up with his girlfriend on the other side of the bed.

Meanwhile, Ari is having his own awkward moment when he meets up with the Warner Bros. execs sans Vince.  When Alan realizes that Vinnie didn’t bother to show up, Ari tries to play the whole thing off.  He claims Vince has agreed to everything and will even do it for the $10 million dollars.  Unfortunately, Alan walks off in disgust and tells him that the whole deal is off.  Unaware that a breakfast meeting had ever been scheduled, Eric gets an earful from Ari on his way home from Sloane’s.  Eric believes the whole thing with Alan can be smoothed over, until he finds out that Vince has already been replaced.  The gig has now been given to Jake Gyllenhaal.  When Eric gets home, the boys are eager to talk about his night out but are surprised to hear that they are all now screwed.

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