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Tuesday July 25, 2006 2:42 am

Entourage:  Strange Days

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Entourage  Already embarrassed by the outcome of his threesome, Eric faces more humiliation from the boys for snuggling a woman he wasn’t even allowed to sleep with.  To make matters worse, Eric needs to face both ladies again sooner than he had hoped.  Sloane is hosting a charity auction that evening and wants him to stop by for a second opinion.  Hoping that he can bail early from a potentially awkward meeting, he recruits the boys to come with him.

On their way to Sloane, Ari gives Eric a call to check in on Vince.  The LA Times may have compared Vinnie to Terrell Owens, but Ari is convinced that Aquaman 2 will make Superman 2 look like Citizen Kane.  Ari wants it relayed to Vince that he will bounce back, but Eric insists that Ari relay the message himself at tonight’s auction.  Unfortunately, Ari’s attendance at a Sloane event will depend on his scheduled meeting with Sloane’s father, Terrance.  This will be the first time they’ve seen each other in nine months.

Armed with their lawyers, Ari and Terrance sit down in the boardroom ready to negotiate a settlement over Ari’s firing.  Terrance wants to handle things quickly and offers $4 million dollars, but Ari isn’t willing to roll over so easily.  Ari claims that while Terrance was on his 8-year sabbatical, he made their agency the power house that it is now.  With all the time in the world and a rich wife who loves to spoil him, he is willing to drag it out in court to prove it.  Terrance quickly has a change of heart and comes to a new agreement with Ari:  $11 million.

When they arrive at the event setup, Eric has a hard time looking Sloane or Tori directly in the face.  Fortunately, Vince steps up and offers Sloane any assistance with her auction.  She accepts and decides to auction him off as a dinner date.  When she steps away to take a call, Tori tells the boys that she is going to head back to the hotel and work on her tan.  The boys note that she seemed particularly cold to Eric.  Bothered by her reaction, Eric is convinced he must apologize to Tori for the snuggling incident.

Later, Ari interrupts his wife while she is out to lunch with the ladies.  He tells her that their marriage was a sham and that he wants to set things straight—right before he gives her a huge rock.  He then whisks her away to see the site of his new proposed agency.  His office, boasting 150 agents,  would make Terrance’s firm look like a Dunkin’ Donuts.  Although Mrs. Ari is a bit nervous, he convinces her that this is the right time.  As soon as they step outside the building Ari throws his wife to the ground as a car drives by.  Adam Davies, the agent who helped get Ari ousted, may have spotted them.  If so, Terrance would know that Ari was up to something.  When he thinks the coast is clear, Ari picks his wife back up….only to have Adam parked across the street watching them.

Eric drives to Tori’s hotel and spots her out by the swimming pool.  She is surprised to see Eric but hesitantly agrees to have a drink with him.  He proceeds to tell her that the cuddle was completely unintentional and that he would prefer she didn’t tell Sloane.  Tori agrees the whole thing was a bit weird, but him coming out to have a drink with her behind Sloane’s back was even more weird….and uncomfortable.  When Eric tells the boys later about Tori’s reaction, the guys don’t exactly have his back.  They don’t know why he felt the need to apologize in the first place, nor do they understand why he apologized to Tori as opposed to Sloane.  Vince then accuses Eric of being in love with Tori.  E still claims the whole thing was an accident but does admit that he can’t stop thinking about her.  Vince theorizes that he only wants Tori because he couldn’t have her.  She was just a big tease to him.

The boys arrive that night at the gala and spy Tori.  When Sloane arrives to snatch up Vince, Drama asks Eric if he can try again for Tori—assuming Eric really doesn’t care for her like he claims.  Just then, Tori walks up wanting to talk to Eric.  She apologizes to him for coming off so harshly, especially when she knows he’s such a good guy.  Unfortunately, thanks to Sloane’s rules, she never got to know how good Eric was in bed.  But Tori is willing to change her departure flight if they can get her to drop those rules later.  Taken aback by what he has just heard, Eric goes to the bathroom to cool his face down.  Meanwhile, Vince is center stage being auctioned off to a room full of (much) older ladies.  When he gets an eyeful of his potential dates, he begs a cute blonde waitress to help buy him off.

On the other side of the auction, Ari is happily bidding away for gifts even though his check hasn’t cleared yet.  So worried about the precarious deal, Mrs. Ari feels obligated to tell Terrance’s wife that her new ring is actually a cubic zirconia.  She’s afraid that telling the truth will tip someone off.  Ari says it’s not a secret that they have the money, it’s only a secret that he wants to buy the office space.  Unfortunately for Ari, his wife didn’t have to mention a thing—because Adam Davies already knows.  After seeing them outside the building, Adam did a little investigative work and figured out what Ari was up to.  He now wants Ari to guarantee him not only partnership, but a corner office and million-dollar salary.  Otherwise, Terrance will get word of it all.

Although he is busy making the moves on the waitress, Vince takes pause to talk to a clearly flustered Eric.  Eric says that he needs to leave the auction because he can’t be anywhere near Sloane, and especially Tori.  When he sees her he just wants to take her into the coat room.  Knowing that he’s not a coat room kind of guy, Vince says that he will backup Eric and tell Sloane that he went home sick.  Unfortunately, Sloane catches Eric on his way out and he has to make the excuses for himself.  She tells him to go back to her place and wait for her there.  After Tori catches her ride to the airport, Sloane will come home and take care of him.  As for Vince, he is the coat room type of guy, and that’s exactly where he was with the waitress when he was auctioned off to a lucky elderly lady.

Later that evening, Sloane returns home to a sleeping Eric.  Unfortunately for E, Tori was there as well.  She apparently missed her flight and wouldn’t be leaving until 5:30 AM the next day.  So Eric coincidentally wakes up just 10 minutes before Tori’s about to leave claiming that he needs some water.  He tells her that it was nice meeting her…right before he confronts her about their attraction.  Am I crazy, or do we both want this?  She tells him that it really doesn’t matter because he has a really good woman sleeping in the other room.  She then tells him not to screw it up and kisses him goodbye.

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