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Tuesday June 13, 2006 8:15 pm

Entourage: Aquamom


The premiere picks up several months after last season’s finale. Aquaman has already been filmed and the premiere is just days away.  The most important task at hand right now is figuring out which of the lovely ladies out there are premiere-ticket worthy.

Ari, of course, has other matters to worry about.  His new West Hollywood digs don’t come with cleaning staff… or a working elevator… or a parking garage.  His main client, Vince Chase, is coming by for his first visit and Ari is freaking out.  As usual, his small staff of nine bears the brunt of his outbursts.

Although Vince seems perfectly at ease about his upcoming night, Ari is far from calm.  Vince apparently doesn’t recognize the importance of the evening and Ari wants to make sure he rises to the occasion.  This is Vinnie’s opportunity to show the world that is is man not a boy, and his date choice for the evening must reflect his status.  Simply arriving with his usual entourage will not suffice.  Vince still doesn’t seem concerned but decides that the only woman he would want to invite is his mom.  AQUAMOM!.  Vince’s brother, Johnny ‘Drama’, believes he would have to pull off a miracle to get her to LA… especially considering that she has never made an appearance at any of his affairs.  Regardless,  Vince is convinced that he can make it work.

Later at a prescheduled radio interview, Vince works the room and charms the listening audience. He tells the DJs that the only beautiful woman he wants on his arm is Mom.  With their help, he makes a surprise phone call to his mother (actress Mercedes Ruehl) and pressures her live on the air.  Waiting on the sidelines is Vince’s publicity agent, Shauna, who is eating the whole thing up.  Not wanting the world to think that she’s a lunatic for never leaving home, Vince’s mom agrees to come to the premiere.  Two video vixens at the station are impressed by Drama and Turtle’s association with Vince and ask if they can come to the premiere with them. Although they have already handed out all their tickets, the boys are game.

After the interview, Drama and Turtle beg Vince and Eric for two more tickets.  Should they be punished because they ‘peaked too early’ and already gave away all their tickets?  Eric makes a call to Ari who is busy working out IN his office.  (Without a gym to go to anymore, he has to make due with the floor space that he has left).  Ari tells Eric that they can steal two tickets from James Woods’ allotment since he never uses them all anyway.  Then with Eric still on speakerphone, Ari’s assistant, Lloyd, announces that the check for Ari’s kid’s school just bounced.

Back at home, Ari begs his wife to dip once again into her account to help float them.  He figures that they need another $100,000.  She finds it ridiculous that she has had to dip into her personal savings five times already to help them out.  But as Ari pointed out—her money is coming from a trust fund created by her father.  “You keep calling it a personal savings, but you haven’t saved anything personally.”

James Woods later arrives at Ari’s office with his bimbo girlfriend.  He is looking for the two tickets that he didn’t receive.  Lloyd tells him that there was a mixup and that the tickets accidentally went to Vince Chase’s group.  James insists on getting the tickets back and Lloyd calls Drama.  Unfortunately, Drama is unwilling to cough up the tickets and insists that Jimmy come over personally if he really wants them.

Well, that is exactly what Jimmy does.  He shows up at Vince’s house and demands via the security system that his tickets be returned—- much to the Drama and Turtle’s amusement.  After a few threats in, Drama appears to concede and slips the ticket envelope through the mail slot.  James drives away thinking that he has won.  Little does he know that all he received was the envelope with no tickets inside.

Meanwhile, Vince goes shopping for the red carpet premiere.  He tells the ladies at the boutique and jewelry counters to set aside a wide selection for his mom.  Unfortunately during his spree, Eric receives a cell phone call from Vince’s mom.  She doesn’t want to disappoint her son, but she just can’t seem to emotionally get herself on her scheduled flight.  Eric is forced to break the news to Vince.

Later that evening, the boys mull over backup escort options for Vince.  Realizing that Vince’s mom hates to look bad, Eric and Turtle come up with a plan to get her there—even if it means ruining their own chances of having fun.  Instead of just inviting Vince’s mom to the event, they invite all their moms.  Apparently peer pressure works out in the end.

On the red carpet outside the premiere, things appear to be coming together.  The excitement is building, the crowd is cheering, Vince is charming, Jimmy Woods is not hurting Drama, the mothers are looking happy.. and for once, Ari’s wife is actually believing in him.  Of course—this was all before the movie actually started.  That happens next week…

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Although the premiere was just as fun and witty as I had hoped, there was just one glaring omission:  MANDY MOORE. 
Granted—Vince has obviously managed to move on during the months since their breakup, but she should have still been a factor in the season premiere. Not only was she not present on the red carpet, but her hold on Vince’s life seems to have completely gone by the wasteside.  Given the PR debacle of their on-set romance, who Vince brought to the movie premiere should have somewhat revolved around his former flame.  Ari and Shauna should have pressured Vince to bring a woman that would overshadow the issue.  Never once during the show was her name even brought up—not even during the radio interview.  It really seems like the producers of Entourage really want to move on..

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