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Friday June 22, 2007 2:28 pm

‘Earl’ and ‘The Office’ Reruns Coming to TBS

My Name is Earl Wow, did you catch last night’s marathon of The Office? I caught the last half of “Casino Night” and it really brought back all of those old Pam and Jim feelings. When Jim puts it out there that he loves Pam… then later kisses her. Sigh. Add to that the slightly teary-eyed Jim when she rejected him—wow, that’s a great episode. And now, The Office will live on in reruns on TBS. Ditto for My Name is Earl, another solid NBC comedy… both Earl and The Office are part of what made NBC “must see,” at least in my sad little existence. Anyway, TBS will begin airing the pair in the fall, for the low-low cost of $600,000-$700,000 per episode. No details on what timeslots these will hold—and with Friends, Sex and the City, Seinfeld, King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond and Family Guy, there will be plenty of funny on TBS (except for Raymond, which I have never found too funny).

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Gallery: 'Earl' and 'The Office' Reruns Coming to TBS



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