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Thursday December 29, 2005 1:03 am

Desperate Housewives Reveals A Juicy Storyline

Description Poor Bree. A philandering, then murdered, husband. An evil, revenge-driven son. A distant daughter. An insane stalker. And then, taking part in a murder (sort of) herself. Her life sure hasn’t been easy. But of course, it’s much more fun for the viewers that way! And it’s not over yet - it was recently announced that Bree, once the ‘perfect’ housewife and mother, will begin another battle…with the bottle.

The ABC show’s creator, Marc Cherry, says Marcia Cross’ character — who became a widow following her husband’s poisoning and then watched her flipped-out fiance die of an overdose — isn’t reacting well to changes.

“We’re starting her descent into alcoholism,” Cherry tells TV Guide in its Jan. 2 issue, on newsstands Thursday. He says there are some alcohol-fueled moments with her fellow housewives where “it gets pretty ugly.”

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Gallery: Desperate Housewives Reveals A Juicy Storyline

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