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Monday June 12, 2006 10:00 am

Degrassi:  High Fidelity - Part Two

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Part Two of the season finale starts with Marco and Spinner still working on the upcoming variety show.  Marco praises Spin for the touching ceremony with Darcy he had just witnessed the night before, only to be surprised by the news of their breakup.  Even more shocking was hearing Spinner admit to kissing someone else that same night.  At that precise moment, Paige walks into the room causing Spinner to get all flustered and stumble onto the floor.  Marco easily figures out that Paige was Spin’s mystery woman.  Cue Darcy (having a Sandy from Grease moment) to walk into the gym and see her ex still lying on the ground.  Instead of kicking him while he is down, she actually begs him to take her back—right before she plants a passionate kiss on him in public.  She apologizes for being a freak and asks him to consider her.

Meanwhile, Paige is also weirded-out by her late night kiss.  When Hazel asks her to bring Alex out for fondue, Paige tells her that they finally parted ways.  She still cares for her a ton, admits that they just weren’t right for each other.  To make matters worse, she might have just made out with Spinner the night before.  Hazel just got used to Paige being a lesbian and is thrown for another loop.

After a long sabbatical in London, Ashley finally returns to Degrassi and stuns ex-boyfriend Jimmy.  Could it have been the enormously large and ugly hat on her head?  As much as she loved London, she really missed home and Degrassi.  Jimmy says that while he appreciates a school with shootings and gonorrhea outbreaks, he is eager to get out as soon as possible.  Ash is bummed because she was hoping that they could be classmates again.  After their brief reunion, Jimmy meets up with the principal about the possibility of him graduating.  He knows that he has missed a lot of class time due to his physical therapy but is still hoping that he can walk with his peers.  Unfortunately, his hopes are dashed when she tells him that he is far too many credits behind.

Angered by his disappointing conference, Jimmy wheels out of the office and drops his books in the hallway.  As he struggles to reach them, Spinner offers to help him out.  Not wanting to accept his kindness, Jimmy says that the only way Spinner can help is by transferring to another school next year so that he won’t have to see his stupid face.  A few more words are exchanged and Jimmy pushes Spinner.  Marco tries to stop the drama and Spin says it’s all coming from Jimmy’s end.

Ellie later sees Ashley wandering through the halls and is excited to have her former best friend around again.  When Ash says that she hasn’t seen Craig yet, Ellie catches her up on Craig’s band—and his romance with Manny.  Ashley admits that her romance with Alistair had fizzled and seeks out some gossip on Ellie’s end.  Ellie admits that is crushing on someone as usual, but that nothing will ever happen—as usual.

Darcy comes into The Dot and asks Spinner for a cup of joe to go.  She heard about the incident with Jimmy and apologizes because she knows how much Jimmy means to him.  Spinner tries to blow the whole thing off and says that he is through with him.  Darcy calls his bluff and says that his whole indifference is a big lie.  With Marco egging him on nearby, Spinner finally relents and tells Darcy that he would like to get back together with her.  She happily agrees and gives him back the Claddagh ring.  She needs to return home to pack for Bible camp but hopes that they can meet up later to celebrate.  After Darcy leaves, Marco convinces Spinner that now is the time to set things straight with Paige.

Ashley and Jimmy are sitting down to catch up when Ellie interrupts to brag about his artwork.  Before she heads out, Ellie gives Jimmy a big hug.  Ashley points out the close bond between the two but Jimmy insists that they are only friends.  Ash realizes that Jimmy has more feelings than he is willing to admit, but he says that nothing would ever happen between them—after all, he is disabled.  Believing that Ellie is harboring mutual feelings for Jimmy, Ash tells him that the situation might not be hopeless as he thinks.

Wanting to put closure to their tryst, Spinner arrives at Paige’s house to have a private chat.  He finds her in the bedroom reminiscing about their years at Degrassi and going over old couples photos of them.  Spinner says that he wishes he had a time machine to transport him back before things went to crap.  Paige lets him know that she never blamed him for what happened to Jimmy.  Spin sees a kiss coming and tries to put up a fight.  Unfortunately his defenses are weakened and they end up sleeping together.

The next day in Mr. Simpson’s class, Paige seems to be in a very happy and infectious mood.  Outside of Mr. Simpson’s class, Spinner is freaking out and seeks Marco for advice.  He admits in his text messages that things went a little further with Paige than he had planned.  Later at the variety show preps, Spinner has to deal with Darcy’s questions about his night.  While he was busy sleeping with Paige, he was busy forgetting to celebrate his reunion with Darcy.  Although he claims that he was busy getting a gift for her, she senses something is wrong.

During the show, Darcy is center stage for her 60’s-themed number, giving her a perfect view of her boyfriend behind the lights.  She and Spinner exchange a fond look.. and unfortunately, Paige got a glimpse of it.  Post-show, Paige runs into Spinner and thanks him for their previous evening.  Thinking that she is happy they got back together, Spinner is thrown off by what she has to say next.  Paige tells him that their roll in the hay capped off her years at Degrassi nicely.  It’s evident that she is trying to let him off easy.  When she walks away, Spinner laughs if off and believes he was used for his body.

Jimmy sees Ellie sitting alone at the after-party and decides to make his move.  He opens up and tells her how much her friendship has meant to him over the past year.  But now he wants to know if she would like to move it to the next level.  Ellie didn’t really have anything to say in response but it her feelings were evident.  Jimmy then wheels away admitting that it wasn’t completely unexpected.  When Ash asks Ellie why it went all wrong, Ellie tells her that he wasn’t the guy she had been crushing on.  Ash goes to find Jimmy and apologizes for misleading him about Ellie.  He says that girls simply don’t date guys in wheelchairs.  To prove him wrong, Ashley kisses him.  So are they getting back together now or does she just feel sorry for him?

Darcy finally pins down Spinner at the party and asks him to dance with her.  Just when it looks like he will admit to being with Paige, he only admits to not having her supposed gift there despite numerous text messages to have it in time.  When he goes off to get some drinks, the impatient Darcy snoops around on his cell phone to try and figure out her surprise.  Well, she found her surprise alright.  She found out what Spinner really did on his night without her.  When Spin finally returns with the drinks, Darcy promptly gives back his ring.

Later at graduation, Jimmy takes a step towards moving on with his life.  While they are watching the ceremony from the sidelines, Jimmy approaches Spinner and offers an olive branch.  Spin is taken aback.  Jimmy says that he has spent a lot of time during the year blaming other people and that was wrong.  Spinner tries to say sorry but Jimmy simply says ‘I know’.  Spin excitedly starts to walk off but returns to give Jimmy a big hug.

In front of the school, the graduates pose for photos and exchange hugs—even Paige and Alex.  Amongst the waiting friends and family is Craig, who apparently found time away from his rocking career to join the celebration.  Manny, of course, is thoroughly surprised.  When Ellie spots Craig, they exchange a smile and a wave.  Right next to Ellie is Craig’s ex-girlfriend, Ashley, who saw the whole thing.

While the rest of the gang is still back at the graduation, Spinner makes an effort to move forward with his life.  He tracks down Darcy at the buses for Bible camp and begs her to take him back.  He admits that what he did was horrible and that he broke his vow.  Despite his pleas, Darcy says that she is really not sure.  When she heads towards the bus, Spin tells himself that if she turns around to look before she gets on, he’ll be okay.  Thankfully, she turned around.

JUST FOR CLARIFICATION—Here is a list of those graduating from Degrassi this year.  I know there are many people like me out there who may have lost track:

GRADUATES:  Marco, Paige, Hazel, Ellie and Alex
STAYING BEHIND:  Jimmy and Spinner (both because of the shooting), Darcy, Emma, Peter, Manny and Craig



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