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Monday June 5, 2006 6:52 pm

Degrassi: High Fidelity

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As another school year winds down at Degrassi, the students are forced to face their upcoming summers—and their futures together.

Part One of the season finale begins with Darcy sitting outside The Dot waiting for Spinner.  When he finishes his shift, Darcy tells him about her new summer counselor position. She then jokes that Spinner will probably be hanging out with other girls while she is gone.  Spinner tries to reassure Darcy of his devotion and kisses her aggressively.  She backs off reminding him that they vowed to remain virgins until marriage. 

Back at the school cafeteria, Emma comments that Manny seems chipper despite her late-night conversation with Craig.  Manny says that she is just happy about Emma being seen in a food line again.  (Apparently Emma is now out of the hospital but is still going through therapy for her bulimia).  Manny is actually stressing because she is in charge of putting together the annual year-end variety show without much help from her friends.  Interestingly enough, throughout this conversation Peter is seen comfortably hanging out with both Manny and Emma.  Has Manny already forgiven him for exposing her breasts on the internet?  NOTE TO PORN DISTRIBUTORS:  Helping someone through an eating disorder can help you seem like less of a slimeball.

Elsewhere in the cafeteria, Darcy and Spinner continue their conversation about summer.  Spinner says that he has been reading a Christian teen blog on abstinence and that wants to find activities to keep himself occupied.  When Manny announces that she is looking for help for help with the variety show, Spinner seizes the opportunity.  Manny is grateful for his help and gives him a big hug.  Unfortunately, Darcy wasn’t too pleased to witness the display of affection from Spinner’s ex-girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Paige and Alex are in class listening to talks about their future.  Paige is still nervous about getting into Banting.  Alex tries to divert Paige’s focus and proposes that she get a tattoo or start playing the bass… anything to get Paige to start living in the now.  Later at work, Paige excitedly tells Alex that she finally received her acceptance letter.  Unfortunately, Alex cannot share her enthusiasm because she had actually been denied by the same school.  Caught in the middle of their discussion was a very impatient and angry customer.  When Alex lashes out at him, her manager is there to witness the whole thing.

Sitting inside the theater at the same time were Spinner and Darcy.  Although Spinner is trying to watch the movie, Darcy is doing his best to distract him.  Not wanting things to get too far, Spinner asks her to stop.  The I-want-to-stay-a-virgin Darcy can’t seem to understand why Spinner is refusing her and brings up his past relationship with Manny.  She can’t stand the thought of the two of them all over each other.  Instead of owning up to his past, Spinner denies that anything ever happened with Manny.  He claims that her history was actually a turn off and that he is ‘so virginal’.  Darcy feels pity for Manny and wishes that she would just repent so that her whole past can just go away.  Spinner takes a break from the movie and sees Paige behind the popcorn counter looking miserable.  When she tells him that she was accepted into Banting, he congratulates and hugs her.  Alex later comes back to their counter and tells Paige that she had just been fired.  Paige tries to inquire about her future but Alex tells her to lay off the career planning.  Alex then gives Paige a quick peck and heads out.  After the movie is over, Spinner gives Darcy a Claddah ring… one of a pair that he had bought to signify their love and unity.

Back at school, Spinner meets up with Darcy and Manny at variety show rehearsals.  When Manny compliments Darcy about her cheerleading skills, Darcy is thrown off guard.  In return, Darcy invites Manny to be part of the Friendship Club.  Manny is stunned by the invite and says that the nun lifestyle is not for her.  Darcy tells Manny that given the opportunity, anyone can change.. and Spinner was living proof of that.  Thanks to ‘prayer and abstinence, he’s a believer’.  Manny laughs in Darcy’s face and sets her straight about her unholier-than-thou boyfriend.

In class, the students are starting to receive their scores for some critical tests.  Jimmy is excited that he has received an A- but admits that his future is uncertain because he is still a few credits behind (due to the shooting).  Paige is also thrilled by her grade because it may help get her some needed scholarship money.  Alex is turned off by the whole conversation and accuses Paige of not being fun.

At rehearsals, Liberty recruits Spinner to be part of the variety act because someone has come down with mono.  Unfortunately for Darcy, the role requires him to play a love interest opposite Manny.  The two perform their scene and play out a pretend kiss.  Darcy’s jealousy rages and she accuses Manny of constantly flirting with Spinner because she still likes him.  Spinner tries to hand off his role to someone else just to keep the peace.  When no one else steps up to take his place, Darcy says “Well, that’s not surprising”.  Manny is offended by the comment but is not sure why.  Darcy continues to tell her that even she could become perfect again if she would only just repent.  Darcy followed that up by calling Manny the school’s biggest slut.  Not surprisingly, the first girl fight of the episode ensues.  After the girls are broken apart, Darcy confronts Spinner about his lies and walks off.

Later at The Dot, Marco is working with Paige on his valedictorian speech.  When Paige hears about Spinner’s argument, she tells him that it is his past not his present that Darcy is threatened by.  Realizing what he needs to do, Spinner recruits Marco’s help.  He later surprises Darcy with his own repentance ceremony during Friendship Club.  Darcy forgives him and all seems well.

In an effort to be less serious, Paige tries to amuse Alex by going CD shopping with her.  Unfortunately for Alex, it t doesn’t take long before Paige starts talking about the future.  Paige is desperately in need of a plan, some sort of direction.  Alex tries to avoid the topic and dares Paige to steal a CD.  Paige doesn’t want to participate but Alex throws it in her bag anyway.  When the security alarms sound, Paige is able to convince the store manager that it was simply an accident.  After they are clear from the store, the second girl fight of the night begins (this being of the verbal kind).  Paige calls Alex immature and Alex labels Paige a drama queen.  Paige admits that she is having a hard time ‘living in the moment’ like Alex.  She needs and likes to be a little excited about her future.  Alex says that she can’t do things according to Paige’s plan and needs to figure things out via her own timetable. They walk away having just broken up.

At at intimate picnic, Darcy celebrates Spinner’s recent cleansing and the start of his new life.  Spinner is equally ecstatic ‘especially considering last summer’.  Darcy questions what he means by that and realizes that he has had physical encounters with more than just one girl.  Spinner finally owns up to something and admits that there were two other girls.  Darcy is upset that Spinner withheld information but he doesn’t understand what the fuss is about.  He believes what matters is that he has repented for all his sins—at least that’s what he thought he did.  Unfortunately, Darcy doesn’t agree.  Spinner, not happy with her response, hands Darcy his Claddagh ring and tells her: “You know what I believe?  I believe that I will never be clean enough.  Not for you”.  Ouch..

Still reeling from her own breakup, Alex returns home only to find Jay sitting there on her couch.  He assures her that he was invited over by her mom’s boyfriend and was not there for her.  When he sees that she is upset, he first offends her but then offers a shoulder for her to cry on.  He says that he is sorry—- and that its the first time he’s ever actually meant it.  She tells him that it’s the first time she’s actually believed him.  They chill out together and watch TV.

At The Dot, Paige nurses her own wounds and commiserates with Spinner when she finds out that he too is newly single.  When she confides that she is nervous about going to Banting, Spinner kindly lets her know that she totally deserves to be there.  He then offers to drive her home and she gladly accepts.  As they are about to leave, they accidentally have a close encounter… then they NOT-so accidentally kiss! 

Oooh…. if Darcy only knew who her real competition was!!!



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