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Friday March 24, 2006 7:05 pm

Commander in Chief - A Lame Duck Series?

Commander In ChiefWhen the 2005-2006 broadcast network television season began in September, ABC-TV’s Commander in Chief was the highest-rated new series.  But the honeymoon and high ratings ended prematurely for the Geena Davis drama. Only two episodes had aired when Commander‘s creator and executive producer Rod Lurie was replaced by NYPD Blue auteur Steven Bochco. Focusing on high tension world issues, rather than on the family life of the series’ first female president Mackenzie Allen, the Bochco episodes were unpopular with viewers.  Making matters worse, a five-week holiday hiatus saw the series’ audience turning elsewhere for entertainment.

Now Bochco is out and Rod Lurie crony Dee Johnson is in command.  But, even if Johnson returns to Lurie’s original vision of a series powered by First Family events, Commander in Chief may be a lame duck.  It will be difficult, if not impossible, to regain momentum.  Commander‘s last episode aired two months ago, and the next episode is almost a month away.

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