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Friday February 10, 2006 2:55 pm

Choose Your Own TV Channels

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DescriptionLove Showtime but can do without HBO? Dig the Discovery Channel but find the History Channel a snooze? What if you could pick and choose your channels, keeping your favorites and leaving the bores behind? Many customers are frustrated that they don’t watch many of the channels they pay for in the standard channel ‘pack.’ Now, you may have a better option: selecting only the best channels for you. The FCC, reversing an earlier announcement, finally admitted that being able to choose channels would not only please customers, but would also be cheaper. Here’s hoping that cable companies get the message, and offer customers their own personalized menus. I’ll take a main course of Encore and Showtime please, with a little ESPN on the side. And hold the HGTV.

Most cable TV subscribers would save money if allowed to pay for only the channels they want, a Federal Communications Commission study said Thursday, reversing the agency’s earlier finding that consumers wouldn’t benefit.

The analysis by FCC staff provides new support for consumer groups and conservatives pushing for a pick-and-choose pricing system to replace the bundled services offered by the cable industry. Cable companies fear that would diminish their wide distribution.

“I am pleased that the commission has concluded that ‘a la carte’ offering could reduce consumers’ cable bills by as much as 13 percent,” said Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who plans to introduce legislation next week to create and promote use of the la carte system.

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