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Monday April 3, 2006 5:42 pm

The Cancellation Of Rollergirls and Why America Hates Bad Girls

Rollergirls CancelledThe recent cancellation of the reality show Rollergirls wasn’t a huge shock, but it was a huge disappointment. The show follows the triumphs and crises of several all-women teams competing in the intense sport of Roller Derby. There isn’t a shrinking flower among the bunch: these women are tough, both physically and mentally, and will quite literally knock anyone to the ground who gets in their way.

They are, in short, true “Bad Girls.” No wonder the show was cancelled.

American television likes you to think they appreciate bad girls. But that’s a lie. TV’s idea of bad girls includes sexy vixens and man manipulators, women who use their cleavages and ruby-red lips far more often than any sort of physical and mental prowess to achieve their goals. Even Sydney Bristow of Alias, touted as the baddest of bad girls, is conventionally pretty and achieves successful missions with skintight, skin-baring outfits, always perfectly made up and groomed.  No mater how grueling the life of a double agent, Sydney always manages to get her lipstick on.

The women of Rollergirls appeared on camera without disguise, and although none could be called TV-pretty, they all have a distinct charm. With names like Miss Conduct and Punky Bruiser, they never fail to capture our attention, and often, our respect. With their trailers, love for beer, love for their children they are often raising by themselves, and their strong, muscled bodies, these women are guilty of one TV sin - they just don’t fit into the mold of Acceptable Television Women. The cancellation of the show is a loss in more ways than one.

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