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Wednesday March 29, 2006 4:34 pm

American Idol 5: Chris Daughtry Masters the Covers

Chris DaughtryTwo weeks ago, I told everyone how extremely upset I was at the judges for not realizing that Chris Daughtry had ripped off the Red Hot Chili Peppers with his rendition of ‘Higher Ground’.  And no—it was not because I thought the performance was necessarily bad.  It was because the judges gave him props for making the song ‘his own’.

Last week I said I was hesitant about giving Chris a compliment because I wasn’t entirely sure if he had ripped off someone else again.  Not surprisingly, the judges ate his original version of ‘I Walk the Line’.  They praised him for separating himself from the rest of the group.

Fast forward to this week—when I found out I was right!!!  Chris is a big phoney.  Do I think he’s a bad singer?  No.  Do I think he should be headlining a local cover band at your neighborhood bar?  Yes.  Apparently the Idol chatrooms have been all buzzing since his appearance last week.  Seems the judges gave him props way too soon.  According to those familiar with the works done by the band Live, Daughtry’s rendition was just another rip-off of something they did back in 2001. As one message read: “This guy is rip off.  Judges are plain dumb.”

On American Idol last night, they confronted the controversy by having Ryan Seacrest simply ask Chris if his rendition of “Walk The Line” was Live’s version, which resulted in Chris and Ryan talking about how Live is one of Chris’ favorite bands.

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