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Tuesday April 3, 2007 10:49 am

7th Heaven Series Finale Set

7th Heaven Am I experiencing deja vu? It seemed like last year was going to be the series finale of 7th Heaven, then they returned for yet another season after the merger of WB and UPN (to become CW). Yes, that did happen, but this year they are really wrapping things up. Really. And you know, they can’t really complain too much—7th Heaven has been the longest running family drama on television, with its first show airing in 1996. May 13th marks the series finale, which will no doubt bring in a fair share of viewers. Last May’s season finale brought in the highest ratings in over two years. While this show never hooked me, there are plenty of fans out there who will be sad to see it go. Besides, it did put Jessica Biel and Barry Watson on the map, so all is not lost.

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