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NFL Preview: Philadelphia Eagles

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Donovan McNabb get ready to throw

2007 RECORD: 8-8

Overview: The past few seasons the Philadelphia Eagles have had some really tough losses and had to deal with some really tough issues.  From the Terrell Owens fiasco, to Andy Reid’s off-the-field problems, to Donovan McNabb’s season-ending injury from two years ago, this team has been through a lot and survived.  Despite not making the playoffs last year, the Eagles can point to one or two plays that would’ve put them in the playoffs.  Look for the gods to smile on the Eagles in 2008, or at the very least, stop kicking them in the teeth.

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The End Score Report 002: Steve Nash Injured, Tyrus Thomas Fined $10,000

Dan Devone is back with the latest sports news. This time he covers such topics as Steve Nash and his shoulder injury. The best player in the NBA is injured, and that’s nothing but bad news for the Phoenix Suns. Andy Reid has some family woes, with both his brothers ending up in trouble with the law. Tyrus Thomas gets fined for making it known that he is going to the Slam Dunk Contest solely for the cash - now he’s $10,000 in the hole. Get the full scoop in this episode of the End Score Report.

By the way - let us know how long you think Stat Girl can juggle a soccer ball using just her head and feet. The closest guess wins a prize.

Gallery: The End Score Report 002: Steve Nash Injured, Tyrus Thomas Fined $10,000