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DescriptionWeek Eleven proved profitable for me as I went 5-1 and run the season record to 32-20. Two upsets: Oakland Raiders over the Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs over the Pittsburgh Steelers weren’t even selected to predict since I figured the also-rans would have no shot. But I did have the feeling that the one-win wonders, the Cleveland Browns and the Detroit Lions, would deliver a close contest. A last second pass interference call in the end zone set up the Detroit victory. I got the expected wins by the Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers. My lone loss was due to Vince Young leading the Tennessee Titans to their fourth straight victory in a hard-fought match-up with the Houston Texans. The Texans needed to show they could be contenders (against a 3-6 team), but it just was not to be.

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Description Many thanks to Bill Belichick whose much-discussed fourth quarter decision against the Indianapolis Colts put the clincher on another 3-2 weekend for me. My season record now runs to 27-19. Belichick has earned the right to make the call he did, but he obviously liked his offense’s chances of getting two yards a lot better than thinking that Indy could be held back. The Cincinnati Bengals pulled the minor upset over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Maurice Jones-Drew went all-universe in the Jacksonville Jaguars’ win over the New York Jets. The Arizona Cardinals and San Diego Chargers took expected victories.

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Michael Strahan is many things - Super Bowl champion with the New York Giants, sack master extraordinaire, future NFL Hall of Famer, and smooth skin aficionado.  Yes, you read correctly.  One of the hardest working defensive linemen to ever play the game in the trenches, Strahan has found a softer side after his retirement from football and it has a lot to do with his skin.  Strahan took time out to talk to us about the current NFL season and his latest promotion with Vaseline. Add another title to Strahan - comedic actor - as he is one of the main characters in Brothers, which appears on FOX on Sunday nights at 7PM ET.  Watch the video and you’ll see that comedy comes naturally to Strahan. 

A big thank you to our friend Nick Koof from The Filler Show for helping us with the interview.

Description Each week I try to pick the weekend’s most competitive games. Each week I seem to go 3-2. Last week was no different. I am now 24-17 for the season. Philadelphia Eagles fans can tell me just how short Donovan McNabb came up last weekend against the Dallas Cowboys. I thought Norv Turner’s decision-making would cost the San Diego Chargers against the New York Giants. Little did I know it would be Tom Coughlin’s choices that would cost the home team.  The Pittsburgh Steelers came through on the road against the back-to-earth Denver Broncos.

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Description Last week I got the Big Game right (Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings over the Green Bay Packers) and I got the Big Upset right (Baltimore Ravens over the Denver Broncos). But, after losing at home to the Miami Dolphins the New York Jets of 2009 are now hard-set into being the Jets of 2008 (very average). Yes, the New York Giants now have lost three in a row. But, as I wrote last week, don’t think Donovan McNabb’s winning performance against them is a permanent thing. He’ll let you down come playoff time (probably well before then). I go 3-2 last weekend for a 21-15 season record.

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Carson PalmerPredictably, I go 3-2 this past weekend (not blowing it out of the water, but ahead of the game). I am now 18-13 for the season. I got it right that the Pittsburgh Steelers would take Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings. The Cincinnati Bengals won big over the Chicago Bears, and the New Orleans Saints had to come from behind to beat the Miami Dolphins. What’s up with the New York Giants who have now lost two in a row? The Atlanta Falcons had another chance to “legitimize” themselves as an NFL threat, but they could not muster enough to beat the Dallas Cowboys.

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Ben Roethlisberger

My record runs to 15–11 after going 3–2 last weekend. Why I ever back a Norv Turner team is a mystery to me. The Denver Broncos are out of the barn! Can they be placed back in? Their defense smothered the San Diego Chargers on Monday night. Their toughest upcoming games will be home games against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Giants, plus a road game against the Indianapolis Colts.  The Arizona Cardinals showed some grit and beat the Seattle Seahawks up in the Northwest. The New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, and Minnesota Vikings came away with predicted victories.

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Drew Brees

Just came out of my first losing week; I went 2-3 (12-9 for the season). The Denver Broncos take the New England Patriots in OT. I guess the Broncos are for real. Kyle Orton “out-Brady’d” Tom Brady! The Miami Dolphins re-found the Wildcat and more than met the challenge of the New York Jets’ quick strike style (even with newbie Jet Braylon Edwards making a big contribution). The Baltimore Ravens’ loss to a gutsy Cincinnati Bengals shows how the two teams are going in opposite directions. The Atlanta Falcons got back on track and the Arizona Cardinals survived a late spurt from the Houston Texans.

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I went 3-2 over the past weekend (10–6 for the season). The Baltimore Ravens, even with questionable calls favoring the New England Patriots, came close to potentially taking a big step to the “next level.” However, a dropped pass by Mark Clayton ended that opportunity. New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez looked like the rookie he is in the game against the New Orleans Saints. Meanwhile the Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos took games that would not have surprised us if they went the other way. Minnesota Vikings QB Brett Favre continued to wow the masses with another impressive showing against his old team, the Green Bay Packers. If the Packers don’t improve that offensive line they’re not going to beat Brett and the Vikings when he makes his “homecoming” visit later in the season.

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Brett Favre

I went 4-2 this past weekend and 7-4 for the season. The Atlanta Falcons cannot make a statement and lose to the New England Patriots. You tell me if the San Francisco 49ers last second loss to Brett Favre and Minnesota Vikings equals “ugly” as I predicted. I think it counts more as “heart-breaking.” While it was a magical NFL moment to see Favre hoist that ball and to see Greg Lewis snatch it, I am of the mind that Favre will break down at some point during the season. I will either be right on this call or we may be seeing a John-Elway-like end to his career.

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