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Description Other than the New York Jets upset over the San Diego Chargers, all the favorites won last week. I went 3-1 and the season mark runs to 49-37. Will it be Peyton Manning or Brett Favre returning to the Super Bowl? What about those upstart Jets? Will there be more celebrating in New Orleans this weekend?

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Dallas Cowboys The quarterfinals of the NFL tournament are set. Last week I went 2-2. Season record hits 46-36. There’s a reason why the upcoming playoff home teams got byes last week. They’re a cut above the competition. The favored New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals lost last weekend. Were they out-played or just not so good? Will any of the favorites this week be out-played or have a bad day?

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New England Patriots Predictably, I go 3–2 in the final week of the regular season. The season mark runs to 47-36. Wild Card Weekend provides three repeat match-ups from last weekend, but I only see one coming up with the same result. The home teams will get fat on home-cooking and victories this weekend.

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Philadelphia Eagles The San Diego Chargers, Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers held true last week. The New York Giants and Miami Dolphins proved disappointing. The Giants completely tanked and will miss the playoffs. I went 3-2 for the week. The season mark runs to 44-34. Selections for Week 17 are based on games in which both teams have something to play for (as best we can assess).

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My goal is to hit the .600-.660 mark with the predictions this season, but it’s going to be tough. I went 3-3 last week. The season record is at 41-32 (just a bit below .570).  To the Express!

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DescriptionLast week’s 2-3 record places the season mark at 38-29. I need some wins and let’s hope that some home-cooking will be the recipe for success this week. We’ve got six games picked and I’m going with the home team for all. Last week the Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers took expected victories, but in statement games I was off the mark as the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings got it done over the New York Giants and the Cincinnati Bengals, respectively. The Miami Dolphins kept their wild card hopes alive by knocking off the Jacksonville Jaguars, who currently hold a wild card spot.

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Description Ouch, I go 1-4 this past weekend. Here are my excuses…I mean, reasons. A) I guess I can’t trust Bill Belichick as the New England Patriots lost to the Miami Dolphins, B) I should have known I couldn’t trust Wade Phillips and Tony Romo as the Dallas Cowboys lost to the New York Giants, C) I have to claim Thanksgiving turkey withdrawal for going with a Matt Ryan-less Atlanta Falcons over the Philadelphia Eagles (but was it visions of Xmas Past with Michael Vick?), D) Kurt Warner manned-up and the Arizona Cardinals are making the chase for the NFC crown a three-horse race. Only the Indianapolis Colts rang true and beat the Tennessee Titans. The season record runs to 36-26.

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Description On the way to a 3-2 record from last weekend True Predictions threw out these claims: a) “the Saints will have no trouble with New England,” and b) “it will be Hail, Hail Vince Young in Tennessee’s win over Arizona.” Our third win featured the Indianapolis Colts coming from behind to defeat the under-performing Houston Texans. The Pittsburgh Steelers and substitute QB Dennis Dixon played well enough to win (other than an INT in OT), but the Baltimore Ravens took the victory. The Jacksonville Jaguars needed to show us something in San Francisco, but instead it was the 49ers that were more impressive. The season record on my predictions runs to 35-22.

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LeBron JamesWe’re nearing that point of the year where people begin to think about the All-Star games and the Pro Bowl. Millions of fans worldwide are sending in their votes for who they would like to see in the spotlight. It is only because of the 2010 Winter Olympics that the NHL is not having an All-Star game this season, but their selection process is similar to the other major sports. The fan-selection process is highly contested by many who argue that the fans lack the proper dedication to vote for the “true” stars in sports. But which fans are right?

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Alex OvechkinThere are two kinds of sports debates, the rules of which are often determined by the setting. The first is the carefully thought out, statistically-backed argument that usually takes place between two or three people, set anywhere from a living room to a restaurant to the workplace. The second is the spontaneous rambling that can include as many as ten friends or as few as one confused sports fan. This kind takes place almost anywhere drinks and sports are available simultaneously. Which debate is better? Let’s find the answer by comparing Alex Ovechkin and Sydney Crosby.

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