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Miguel Cabrera signs for 472k
One of the few players on next year’s Marlins team that baseball fans will know, Miguel Cabrera signs for a measley $472,000 yearly salary.  That is peanuts compared to the some of the other contracts in the major leagues.  The New York Yankees alone had a median salary of $5,833,334.  Cabrera must be itching for the day he becomes eligible for arbitration.  Cabrera has been so good in his first three years in the big leagues, he has been statistically compared to Hall of Famer, Hank Aaron at the same stages of their careers.

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Bary Bonds to retire after the 2006 season?Will he or won’t he?  A day after interviewing with USA Today, now Bonds claims that his interview was supposed to be just a personal conversation, and not hard fact.  To paraphrase, Bonds claims the game is no longer fun for him, he is been taking pain killers for various ailments, is tired of all the steroid accusations and the home run record watch.  Bonds also mentions he doesn’t care if he breaks Aaron’s home run record, he would be satisfied to pass Babe Ruth as #2 on the career home run list.  The egotistical remark of the week was that breaking the home run record “means more to baseball than it does to me.”  One thing is for sure, the newly proposed Barry Bonds reality show mentioned earlier should consider calling it: Everybody Hates Barry.

Ozzie bashing A-Rod Ozzie Guillen made the news again, this time for bashing A-Rod’s indecisiveness about whether to play for the US team or the Dominican Republic team for the World Baseball Classic.  Guillen who just recently became a U.S. citizen earlier this year, also criticized Nomar Garciaparra playing for the Mexican team, even though Garciaparra was born and raised in the U.S.  Garciapara went to college at Georgia Tech and was teammates with other players, Jay Payton and Jason Varitek.  Guillen who is originally from Venezuela, takes pride in his heritage.  It is definitely the start of baseball season when A-Rod starts getting bashed by his peers.

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Does Sammy Sosa belong in the HOF?According to the SportsNation poll, Sammy Sosa received only 39% of the 19,060 voters believing that he belongs in the Hall of Fame.  Even in the state of Illinois, where the Chicago Cubs play, Sosa still only got 40% of the 1,485 voters.  Even with the White Sox being the toast of town at the present moment, Chicago is still mostly a Cubs town.  I find the lack of support for Sosa surprising. The corked bat suspension, along with accusations of steroid use must be playing a huge factor even though Sosa is fifth all-time in career home runs.

TNA Wrestling logoSt. Louis Cardinal shortstop is the newest MLB player to be a part of TNA wrestling.  Eckstein was sitting in attendance during TNA’s last PPV Against All Odds, which was headlined by Christian Cage defeating Jeff Jarrett to claim the prestigious NWA Heavyweight Championship.

A.J. Pierzynski was the first to show up on TNA, at first most fans thought this was solely a guest appearance after the Chicago White Sox World Series victory, but he has recently signed a two year contract.  I guess A.J. will have a new career to jump into directly after baseball career ends.

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Jose Lima signs with the New York MetsMets G.M. Omar Minaya has been blasted by fans and media alike, accusing him of acquiring an all-Latino team this off-season.  Some of the trades have been questionable, but for the most part it has been a fantastic off-season for the New York Mets.  Most Met fans did not approve of the Mike Cameron for Xavier Nady deal and the Kris Benson for Jorge Julio trade was the one that got most fans’ shorts in a bunch.  The signing of Lima to a minor league deal will provide insurance in case one of the pitchers from the rotation goes down.  Lima signed a $600,000 deal, plus incentives.  Lima is best-known for an all-star season with the Houston Astros, and an outstanding pitching performance in the 2004 Division series for the L.A. Dodgers.  He has had much more success while pitching for National League teams throughout his career.

Ozzie Guillen not at the White HouseThere was some controversy when the 2005 MLB champion Chicago White Sox went to visit the White House yesterday.  They were without their manager Ozzie Guillen, who was criticized by the Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.  Guillen was backed by White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf stating he has more than fulfilled his managerial duties last year and Guillen’s vacation was arranged prior to the planned trip to the White House.  Perhaps Guillen was a bit frightened at the prospect of being accidentally shot at by Vice President Dick Cheney.

Toronto Blue Jays logoNow, I am officially impressed with the Blue Jays off-season.  Catcher Bengie Molina has been a proven winner with the Angels in recent years, joins other new teammates, B.J. Ryan, A.J. Burnett, Troy Glaus, Lyle Overbay.  Molina signs a one-year 5 million dollar deal.  Ryan, Burnett were questionable signings considering they have not been impact players over an extended period of time, but Molina solidifies this off-season with aggressive moves to show the fans the Blue Jays mean business in the AL East.

Jason Giambi at press conference say sorry for his mistakes
I couldn’t believe why Bob Klapisch, writer of the Record (N.J.) newspaper, would write about Giambi’s comeback last year without bashing his actions from the past.  Giambi has been given a pass by Major League Baseball and the rest the media, who only were down on Giambi during the 2004 season when he was not performing up to his high salary standards.  Yet it is a double standard when he makes a comeback in 2005 and performs well, suddenly people turn a blind eye that he was a steroid abuser, and did not have to pay the price of a suspension for his actions.

In the beginning of last season, we as fans kept hearing that the steroid policy is working and that MLB were suspended all these minor league players and fringe bench players that most fans weren’t aware of.  The only two players that was of any name status were Minnesota Twins relief pitcher, Juan Rincon, and OF Matt Lawton.  The hammer hasn’t gone down on the all-star type players, with the exception of Rafael Palmiero, which I feel is a travesty.  Major League Baseball is obviously still protecting their own, and doing a half-hearted attempt to make things right regarding steroids. 

To say that attention was deflected away from Giambi because of the Palmiero/ McGwire hearings are preposterous, because if Giambi were at the hearings, he would have denied the accusations himself also.  Then he would have been vilified as Palmiero is.  I normally wouldn’t touch upon this subject, but it makes me angry, that Giambi would be praised for bouncing back from a terrible ‘04 season, basically because his body adjusted to not having steroids in his system and found a happy medium of non-detectable substances in ‘05.

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Barry Bonds Reality Show?The proposed Barry Bonds reality show would run throughout the upcoming 2006 MLB season, and would be a documentary of sorts while Bonds attempts to break Hank Aaron’s all-time home run record.  Ugh, this would be a terrible idea, but then again the American viewer loves to watch people they hate, just look at Simon Cowell of American Idol, or Howard Stern.  Cameras for the proposed Barry Bonds show would be on and off the field.  Oh great - that is what Major League Baseball broadcasts needs, more idiotic cameras like the Fox catcher camera, audio mics on the bases, whoosh sounds in between replays, and in-game interviews with Bonds after at-bats where he is intentionally walked with a runner already on first.  We don’t need “Real World” style confessions where Bond’s family members discuss their frustration with pitchers walking Bonds, Bonds complaining about the batting order and the clean-up hitter leaving him stranded on base.  Hey Bonds, the last time you had a good batter behind you in the lineup for protection, you drove Jeff Kent out of town.