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EndScore Nation, welcome to the second edition of this particular… I don’t know what to call it… feature? Column?  How about YOUR chance to actively participate here at EndScore.  Let’s make this, whatever you want to call it, a pandemic!!!  Spread the word of EndScore to the world!!!  Remember, this only works when you comment about anything and everything that is sports (or not sports). 

Last week, we got to 35 comments… this week, let’s get to 50.  That’s our goal here people.  Start a comment yourself or respond to one… just play nice.

So, what can we all talk about?

How about Barry Bonds taking a BP ball off his head?  Anyone catch this performance by Bonds?  The histrionics equaled that of a dying character in a high school play!!!  It was almost goofy.  I mean, let’s be real, you know that didn’t hurt Bonds, the owner of a cast-iron forehead.  I swear for a brief moment it looked like Bonds didn’t notice he got hit, but then remembered he had to make belive he was human and just went down.  The ultimate would have been if Wiliam Shatner could have done a voiceover making belive he was Bonds:

“Ouch.  I’ve… been… hit… yes.  Help.”

What else?  How about some blatant self-promotion on my part.  Check out my latest column on SI.com and tell me how awesome I am!!!

OR how long it’s taking me to post all the NFL Draft Grades, having only finished 25% of the teams in the NFL, and tell me how much I actually stink!  But, speaking of the NFL Draft, how do you guys think the teams did?

Albert Pujols… would you pitch to him?

Am I the only one that thinks LeBron James can be BETTER than Michael Jordan?

Let’s discuss…

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Michele Tafoya doing a good job for the Sports ReportersThe Sunday morning show has made a few changes recently in their staff, and I must admit I like the personnel moves.  The long-running show used to be hosted by the late Dick Schaap.  The panel of sports reporters have went from the boring slothful Jason Whitlock and the whiney Mike Lupica to a toned down (and better for it) Steven A. Smith, and a nice addition of Michele Tafoya.  Not only a was new voice of reason and point of view needed on the show to deflect on Bob Ryan’s old school pessimistic yet entertaining mindset, this gives women more of a reason to watch.  The show used to have an all boys club feel to it that would reject anything that was revolutionary and didn’t like changes in the status quo.  The hot buttons of sports like the “black quarterback” in the NFL, or anything that would get a rise out of people racially was not given their fair shake under the old regime.  Tayfoya’s skills were being severely under-used as a sideline reporter for NFL and NBA games.  No one could make those interviews interesting if they continue to keep it a serious tone rather a playful one done by current players poking fun of their fellow colleagues.  The only memorable sideline moment was Jim Gray’s blindside attack of Pete Rose on the celebration of Major League Baseball’s All-Century Team.  Good job for showcasing Michele Tafoya and hopefully more females will be able to join the ranks in the sports world.

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Steve Nash to be named MVP two years in a rowThe announcement is not official yet, but a few sources have been reporting that Steve Nash will once again be named MVP of the ‘05-06 regular season.  The Phoenix Suns didn’t skip a beat despite missing Amare Stoudemire for practically the entire year.  How many teams can rebound to a 54 win season without their best big man in the middle?  Nash deserves a lot of credit for improving the play of Boris Diaw and James Jones.  Sports Guy Bill Simmons brings up a good and hilarious point that though Nash is a good player he isn’t entirely deserving of the award.  How is Nash’s play any different to Jason Kidd’s when Kidd first arrived to the Nets, the same immediate impact and improvement by the team.  Nash is also playing a similair game that John Stockton once did but without the defense and a haircut.  Oh well, too bad to LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.  If a person from another country saw basketball for the first time and asked: Who is the best basketball player right now?  The answer isn’t Steve Nash, yet the league names him MVP for the second year in a row.  I have no objections to this, just thought the readers might enjoy another perspective.  Lastly, USA Basketball just stinks, they didn’t win a gold medal and the best player in the league for the last two years is a Canadian guy.

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Welcome to the first edition of I’m Just Writin’… here on Endscore.  This will be my weekly column where I will take a look back at the past week in sports with a dash of pop culture because who doesn’t like pop culture?  I mean, besides anarchists and Ferris Bueller’s Economics teacher.

So, just like that one uncle in your family that asks you to pull his finger, let’s let ‘em rip!

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Congratulations to head coach of the year Avery JohnsonAvery Johnson led the Dallas Mavericks to 60 wins this season, tied for the highest most in franchise history, and the defense improved to a franchise low 93.1 PPG.  For these accomplishments, a panel of 124 sports writers and broadcasters deemed Johnson the best coach of the ‘05-‘06 season.  Johnson received 63 first place votes followed by Phoenix Suns coach Mike D’Antoni with 27 first-place votes.  Johnson has been a like-able personality since his playing days with the San Antonio Spurs, which probably swayed some of the voters.  Hopefully Johnson will continue to have a good career as a coach, but don’t think too much of the award as previous winners have been coaches with dubious careers such as: Don Chaney and Doc Rivers.

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St. Louis Cardinals Albert PujolsMove over Barry Bonds, you are undeniably no longer the best hitter in baseball (steroids or not).  Welcome, Albert Pujols, to your rightful place.  On a lazy Sunday afternoon, Pujols was anything but against the Cincinnati Reds as he went 3-for-4 with one walk, 5 RBI, and of course three dingers off of three different pitchers because Pujols didn’t want anyone to feel left out of the hit parade.  The third one off of Reds reliever, David Weathers, was a two-run shot that won the game for the Cardinals.  Sooner or later, pitchers are going to pitch to Pujols the way they pitched to Bonds when Bonds was healthy.  That is to say, they will intentionally walk him every chance they get OR throw nothing but junk at Pujols. A career .332 hitter with a 1.039 OPS in just over five seasons, Pujols is simply the biggest threat in the batter’s box today. At only 26 years of age, he hasn’t even hit his prime yet, which usually starts at 27 years old, going well into the early 30’s.  There’s a reason that most in the media call Pujols, “King Albert.”

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Marcus Fizer signs with the New Orleans HornetsWell this is somewhat of a dubious award, sort of like having the all-time HR record for a minor league baseball player like Crash Davis, Kevin Costner’s character in Bull Durham.  Getting called up to the big show and getting send back down back and forth is not the career former lottery pick Marcus Fizer had in mind, when he was the #4 overall pick in the 2000 NBA Draft.  Did Fizer ended up being a bust?  Sure.  Did the Bulls blow the pick by selecting Fizer at #4, well they did over-looked Mike Miller at #5 but well not exactly.  This must be one of the worst drafts in NBA history.  Out of the entire draft class, there have been a total of three all-star appearances by every one of these players from the 2000 class.  Number one pick Kenyon Martin, pick #19 Jamaal Magloire was a default Center selection for the Eastern Conference one year, and Michael Redd, who amazingly slid to the second round had one appearance each.  Never-the-less it’s not cool to be the basketball equivalent of a “4A player” (AA,  AAA, Majors).

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Alex Ovechkin goes into the record books by scoring 100 pointsAlex Ovechkin scored the game winning goal for the Capitals last night in OT and made history at the same time by scoring 100 points in the season.  With 49 goals scored this season and four games left to play, Ovechkin has a chance to join Teemu Selanne as the only NHL rookies to score 50 goals and 100 points in their season.  With 100 points, he is joining a list of greats including Joe Juneau, Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux.  Ovechkin was the #1 overall pick in the 2004 draft but is debuting this year because of last year’s season long lock-out.  Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby have been rookie sensations and have generated a little bit of new life into the NHL.

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Sorry Troy, your not even the third best Cowboy analyst, your behind Daryl Johnston and Michael IrvinThe 27th Annual Sports Emmy Award nominations were announced last week and I wanted to share the news about the deserving nominees.

The nominees for Studio Host are:
James Brown, FOX
Rich Eisen,  NFL Network and CBS
Bryant Gumbel, HBO
John Saunders, ABC and ESPN

Joe Buck, FOX
Keith Jackson, ABC
Jim Lampley, HBO
Al Michaels,  ABC
Jim Nantz, ,CBS

Sports event analyst: Or what I would like to call, the reasons why many people mute their televisions while they watch the game. (I am not referring to Johnny Miller, I don’t watch golf)
Troy Aikman, FOX (states the obvious many times)
John Madden, ABC (once good but getting senile)
Tim McCarver, FOX (once good but getting senile, blatant Yankee fan angering Red Sox fans, also used for Deion Sanders NLCS championship target practice)
Johnny Miller, NBC
Joe Morgan, ESPN (many people do not like him, I even once saw that their was a website dedicated to getting him off Sunday night baseball)

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Phil Mickelson wins the green jacketPhil Mickelson won his third major (2 Masters ‘04, ‘06, PGA ‘05) of his career, firmly putting to rest the notion of being the solid player who can’t win the big one.  After his dramatic ‘04 Masters win, where it seemed like everyone was pulling for Mickelson, this year’s Masters was more about not making mistakes and not letting anyone else catch up with Micekelson, another words it was a snooze-fest.  Mickelson can now be known as the guy who is 3-9 in majors since 2004, opposed to being the guy who was 0-42 prior to his win in ‘04.

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