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John Fox new Denver Broncos head coachThe Denver Broncos have their man for the head coach position. Former Carolina Panthers coach, John Fox, will be joining the Broncos after a lame-duck type of season with the Panthers. Fox, known for his defensive prowess will bring that mentality as the main piece to build his Broncos team and just like Carolina, should be able to bring the Broncos back to its glory. The question now becomes, how will he use Tim Tebow as Tebow seems to be the franchise quarterback fans have been yearning for since the days of John Elway, who actually was the main decision-maker in getting Fox into the fold.

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Carlos Gonzalez and Colorado Rockies agree to a dealColorado Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez extends with the team, signing a seven-year deal $80 million deal. The 25-year-old had an excellent 2010 season, leading the National League in batting average (.336) to go along with 34 home runs and 117 runs batted in, which earned him a Silver Slugger award. However, Gonzalez is a complete player and can do spectacular things on the defensive side as well, winning a Gold Glove award this past season. Gonzalez and the recently extended Troy Tulowitzki, who recently signed a ten-year $157.75 million will form a deadly duo in the middle of the Rockies batting order for the next several seasons.

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Matt Millen stunk as the Detroit Lions GMMatt Millen was the Detroit Lions' GM from 2001-2008 and it was the opinion of NFL and especially Lions fans that Millen stunk at his job. Now, with John Elway taking the GM reins with the Denver Broncos, Millen who was also a former player without any previous experience running an NFL football team in any manner, is hoping that Elway will succeed. It's mighty nice of Millen to wish Elway luck, but at least the latter had experience running the AFL's Colorado Crush. Another thing in Elway's favor is that the franchise at least has some talent to work with, as well as a strong fan base and record of doing well during its history. The Lions did not when Millen took over, which concluded when Millen left after the 2008 season when the Lions became the only team in NFL history to not win a game, going 0-16. Ouch.

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Marvin MillerMarvin Miller missed the baseball Hall of Fame by one vote. Former GM Pat Gillick got an overwhelming nod of approval, while the former executive director of the MLBPA fell short by a step.  This isn’t an outrageous snubbing by any means, but it is another black eye on what’s already a very controversial process. Why the everlasting legacies of people is left up to such a small collection of individuals to decide is astonishing.

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Chris Paul The NBA is considering buying the New Orleans Hornets in order to guide the sale of the franchise to another buyer, perhaps another city. The sale by George Shinn, majority owner of the Hornets, to minority owner Gary Chouest brought some optimism earlier this year, but the proposed sale has collapsed with Chouest rescinding his offer. The NBA would like to keep the team in New Orleans, but that would be up to the new owner, whomever that may be. However, the NBA will try its best to keep the Hornets in New Orleans. The same can't be said about superstar Chris Paul staying, however. His remaining with the team is likely tied to the ownership situation.

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Richard PeddieMaple Leafs Sports and Entertainment, the group that owns the Toronto Maple Leafs, is making all kinds of headlines. After the announcement that CEO Richard Peddie will retire at the end of 2011, there’s now talk that the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan may be willing to sell their ownership in the company. The Teachers own two-thirds of MLSE and the money they could make selling its stake can seriously help them out. They paid $180-million in 1994 to get their share of what became MLSE, and reports are coming out that there may now be interest in selling that ownership for as much as $1.3 billion.

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Brendan ShanahanAfter a one-year hiatus due to the Winter Olympics, the NHL All-Star Game returns in January with a completely new format. The NHL Players’ Association and NHL VP of Hockey and Business Development Brendan Shanahan have announced that this year’s festivities in Raleigh, N.C. will feature all-star teams not representative of the Eastern and Western conferences, but instead feature two squads hand-picked by a pair of captains, not dissimilar from how children select teams for games on residential streets before dinner.

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Dale TallonLast week, the Florida Panthers General Manager Dale Tallon announced he wanted to discuss the possibility of implementing a coach’s replay challenge system at this week’s GM meetings in Toronto. The idea caught some air leading up to the discussion room, but it seems once the GMs got behind closed doors, Tallon’s suggestion was left out in the cold. The system would focus on goal challenges, but could be expanded to include penalty calls, missed calls, or anything else. In the end, it was just too broad.

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Ron WilsonThe Toronto Maple Leafs are struggling to win games lately, or as Leafs fans call it, performing to expectations. Leafs head coach Ron Wilson and GM Brian Burke have reportedly not had conversations about Wilson’s future, but after scoring just 15 goals in their last nine games, something is clearly wrong with Toronto, and as always, Wilson and his job have become the center of attention in the media. Wilson has struggled to find a winning lineup of players, but that may also result from an incredible lack of depth among his players.

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Marvin MillerPerhaps one of the most important men in MLB history to never wear a uniform was Marvin Miller. He was the Executive Director of the MLB Players Association from 1966 to 1982 and was largely responsible for it becoming the strong union it is today; probably the strongest one of all the major North American sports. The benefits that MLB players are entitled to now exist largely because of what Miller did during his time as head of the MLBPA.

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