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Ozzie Guillen not at the White HouseThere was some controversy when the 2005 MLB champion Chicago White Sox went to visit the White House yesterday.  They were without their manager Ozzie Guillen, who was criticized by the Chicago Mayor Richard Daley.  Guillen was backed by White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf stating he has more than fulfilled his managerial duties last year and Guillen’s vacation was arranged prior to the planned trip to the White House.  Perhaps Guillen was a bit frightened at the prospect of being accidentally shot at by Vice President Dick Cheney.


Super Bowl XL logo
In order to get a better perspective on the sports-world, I have dedicated the last couple of days in being slothful and training my body to become a pompous, second-guessing fat man.  In the tradition of fat men media honcho’s who criticizes too harshly, I try to emulate the likes of Mike Golic, Mike Francesa, John Kruk, and Peter King.  Here are my “random thoughts”:

  1. The Super Bowl commercials were terribly boring. 
  2. The officiating was terrible.  The live-blog did not discuss the horrible holding call on Seattle while driving in the Pittsburgh red zone, and the ensuing personal foul on Hasselbeck’s low tackle after the INT.
  3. I’m really happy for coach Bill Cowher.
  4. The game was an overall huge disappointment, entertainment factor wise. 
  5. Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash says the Seattle Seahawks were cheated on the Mike and Mike in the Morning news flashes.
  6. Has anyone seen Shaun Alexander?  I thought he was the MVP.

Let us know what you think.

Hines WardHines Ward was voted the Super Bowl MVP today.  Ward caught 5 receptions for 123 yards and 1 TD.  The most spectacular of these plays had to be the 43 yard touchdown pass thrown by Randall El.  Mr. Ward, from all of us at EndScore, congratulations on your trophies.

DescriptionPittsburgh’s running game turned out to be too much for Seattle in the final minutes of the 4th quarter.  Bettis and company burned the clock and the Seahawks’ timeouts in their final drive.  Seattle made a desperate attempt to tie in the end, but it was futile. There may have been some questionable calls, but no matter how many times you argue them, the Steelers are the Super Bowl Champions of 2006.

Hassleback’s INT turned into a Pittsburgh touchdown after WR Randall El threw on a gadget play.  The ball sailed for a 43 yard pass to Hines Ward.  Hassleback fumbled on the ensuing possession only to have the call overturned on a challenge.  The overturned play turned out to be a bust anyhow with Seattle having to punt after a Pittsburgh sack.

Current Score: Seattle 10, Steelers 21.

CB Kelly Henderson came up big in the endzone for Seattle by intercepting a pass that would’ve likely been a Pittsburg touchdown for WR Cedrick Wilson.  Instead, Henderson takes the INT for 76 yards before getting tackled - a Super Bowl record.  On the ensuing set of plays - 3rd and 6 - Matt Hasselbeck hit up Jerramy Stevens for a 16 yard touchdown reception.

Current Score: Seattle 10, Steelers 14.

Willie Parker took it to the house with a Super Bowl record setting 75 yard run.  The Seahawks put up a healthy drive and attempted another FG - this time for 50 yards.  Josh Brown missed another key scoring opportunity for the Seahawks.

Current Score: Seattle 3, Steelers 14.

Playing it conservative, ABC and Disney have decided to bring on old school/new school rockers - The Rolling Stones.  I’ve got to say I was pleasantly entertained with the mini concert.  A great stage was setup in the form of the Stones’ signature hanging tongue logo.  Singing their classics - including one they sung at Super Bowl I, “I can’t get no satisfaction.”

On 3rd down, Big Ben connected with Hines Ward for a big 37 yard reception that set up a 1 yard touchdown run by Ben Roethlisberger.  The play was challenged by Seattle, but was it was too close to overturn the call.  That took us under the 2 minute warning.  Seattle’s 2 minute offense came into effect and ended with what I consider to be a conservative FG attempt.  Pittsburg accidentally called a timeout with a confused defense on the field; Seattle failed to capitalize with 7 seconds on the clock.  I thought there might have been time to attempt one shot down the field or at least relieve some pressure off the kicker by taking it in another 10-15 yards, then call a their last timeout.  However, they opted to attempt a 54 yard FG that went wide.  Bring on Mick Jagger.

Big Ben showing some guts by chucking a long one downfield but Randal El couldn’t make the play.  However, Michael Boulware intercepted.  Unfortunately for Seattle, defense has been great on both ends and they go 3 and out rather quickly.