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Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova has quickly become a fan of the NBA and James, whom she met at the ESPY Awards in July. “We have similar lives and we travel so much,” said Sharapova, who was in town to meet with sponsors and stayed for the game. “He’s funny, a great guy.” So LeBron how’s your tennis game? “Terrible,” he said. “But I’m good at virtual tennis on the X-Box.”

Maria Sharapova  Lebron James Carmelo Anthony Be a gentleman Lebron, no need to kiss and tell.

How touching, young millionaire athletes find a special friendship together.  I think momma James would approve.  She’s pretty cute, good job Lebron!  Just keep your eyes on the court!


Nomar a Yankee?It’s been reported that Yankee’s skipper, Joe Torre,  has placed a phone call to Nomar Garciaparra to let him know that they are interested in him.  Some insider reports have said he’d possibly play 1B.  Strange? Well, not really.  The only thing stopping him from joining the all-star club: Astros would like him in the OF and Indians would like him at 1B/OF.  Even the Blue Jays, Pirates, and Dodgers have expressed some sort of interest as a 3rd Baseman.

Jake PlummerWe all loved it and we’re sad to see it go.  It’s possible that he does play better without it, but I don’t want to see is Monday Night Football picture if it’s not there.  This is a serious petition I found and I couldn’t stop laughing when I read:

In this topsy-turvy world there are few things all mankind can agree on. The sun is good, killing is bad and Jake Plummer has the most amazing mustache in the history of bewhiskered upper-lips. But, sadly, Plummer shaved said mustache late last week in a move that not only betrays all fashion sense, but also the entire United States of America.
Jake Plummer, please bring the mustache back. We, your countrymen and women, need it. Two hurricanes, rising gas prices and political divisiveness have torn our country apart. With your mustache, maybe we can begin the long process of healing. Without it, Jake, we as a society are doomed.


The Undersigned

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Paul KonerkoThe White Sox retain their big right-handed bat in the line-up, with a deal for 5 years at 60 million.  After being pursued by the Orioles, Dodgers and Angels, he decides to take a slight hometown discount.  White Sox plan to use right-handers Jermaine Dye and Konerko to sandwich newly acquired lefty bat DH Jim Thome from the Phillies - who was dealt for CF Aaron Rowand.  White Sox are planning on shifting LF Scott Podsednik to CF, and bring up farmhand Brian Anderson. 

Jim ThomePhillies now have solved their CF issue, with Kenny Lofton a free agent, and no longer have to worry about splitting time between Thome and ROY Ryan Howard at first base.  The Phillies staff was able to unload Thome’s contract, who is still owed 43.5 million over 3 years remaining on his contract.

Leonardo BarbosaLeandro Barbosa starting to play the best basketball of his young career is going to be sidelined for the next 2-3 weeks.

Basketball is a contact sport, injuries happen.  Though it is concerning how this particularly came about.  Against the San Antonio Spurs, Manu Ginobili falls on Barobosa’s knee as he tries to draw a foul against Raja Bell.  Perhaps it’s time we add Manu Ginobili to the list of dirty tough defenders.

Channing FryeChanning Frye has been a nice addition for the NY Knicks this season; he has been scoring 20+ points his last 3 games, and will only get better. 

Normally it’s tough for rookies to crack the rotation, usually a lapse in defense, going too much one on one, or just the quickness of the game will give them the hook back to the bench.  After seeing him in action, he seems at ease with the game, letting the game come to him, not looking confused or flustered.  He also recognizes when he has a mis-match, only then, calling for the ball.  He has long range in his jump shot for a big man, which will help for a nice pick and pop game with the ball-handler. 

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